We are the people’s brand that originates from India. We understand the needs and requirements of Indian Society. We are serving our country with 100% quality products which are easy on pocket, superb in quality and innovative in technology. We are ensuring that every Indian gets 100% safe and pure drinking water at an unbelievable price.

Our company has deep roots in Water purification industry and we strive to gather more knowledge and technology that can be utilize for well being of every person. Most of our technologies already prove to be hassle free and motivate usage of water purifiers for a healthy and safe society.

You can see our wide range of water purifiers, we have all the latest and advanced technologies that meets the need of Indian households and industries.


We strive to build awareness about healthy lifestyle and utilize all latest technologies for improvement of our products and becoming the topmost consumer-centric company in India.


Quality and Integrity and Innovation

We have set highest parameters to ensure best quality in our products and services. Our customers are treated in best possible manner always. Our business Practice involves highest level of professionalism, honesty, transparency and ethics in our dealings. We believe in innovation and improvement of our products to present best products in Market at all times.


We believe customer is king and always keep customer satisfaction as our core priority. At Aquafresh Water Purifier we love to maintain long term relations with our customers.

Our Team

We strongly believe that employees are the greatest asset an organization has, and we encourage our people to participate in innovation and decision making. We ensure that our team maintains their moral and stays motivated at all times.