Aquafresh Water Purifier Reviews

Aquafresh Water Purifier Reviews

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22 thoughts on “Aquafresh Water Purifier Reviews”

  1. Santu Majumder

    I would like to know whether you have any such discount offer and/or cost effective after sale services in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal. Pl let me know

    1. Dear Santu,

      Thanks for your Inquiry !
      At present we are offering these services only in Delhi NCR. Other states will be added to the service zone as soon as possible. You can check later for the updated service Areas.


  2. Thanks for the nice discount offer. But before i buy, can you tell how often i will need to service the Aquafresh ro system. I live in Delhi.

    1. Dear Ankit,
      Water in Delhi is still better as compared to other states. We suggest to service your Aquafresh RO every 5-6 months if you have a small family.
      For larger families it should be serviced between 3-4 months.

  3. I purchased an Aquafresh Dolphin RO Few years ago from from a local store in Gurgaon. I have read that you are offering exchange offer on old RO systems. My RO is 8 years old, will it be considered for Exchange. And if Yes how much will it reimburse me in cost ?

    1. Yes, Exchange is valid for your RO at this moment. But at the time of inspection your old RO water purifier should be in working condition. This means it is still able to purify water and is not broken. If our Installation staff feels it is eligible for exchange, you must get a reimbursement between 300 to 800 depending upon the inspection. This amount will be immediately reimbursed to you in cash or via cashback in your Aquafresh account.

    1. Dear Ranjan,

      Aquafresh RO water will definitely work with 1500 TDS. If water is too muddy in your area we suggest that you install 2-3 Pre filters and change them every month.
      This will ensure that major solid particles in water will be blocked before they reach your inline filters.
      This will increase the life of RO membrane and inline filters.

      Apply this suggestion only if your water is muddy and you want to increase membrane life.
      Aquafresh will work fine even on single pre filter.

  4. I live in Gaziabad, if i buy Aquafresh glory RO from you, will i get 5 years warranty. And what about installation and service charges discount.

    1. Yes, you will get 5 years of warranty and 2 years of free service along with free installation to read all benefits of the offer check this page.
      Thanks again for choosing Aquafresh.
      Have blessed day !

  5. Ajay Rakheja

    Buying Aquafresh was my best decision ever. Its very nice water purifier, looks, design and maintenance cost all are on better side.

  6. Sameer Sharma

    I have been using the Aquafresh water purifier for 4 years now , and its an amazing machine. low cost low maintenance and easy to operate. i will use your exchange offer to buy new one from you.

    1. Thank you Sameer.
      We will be happy to exchange your RO , please feel free to call or whats app when you need the offer.
      You can also visit our support center for help.
      Have a great day !

  7. Neelam Sharma

    Its a nice Water Purifier. Can you tell if Aquafresh will work with borewell water and what is the best TDS it can make.

  8. This comparison page helped me in making a decision to choose my water purifier. I have checked all your comparisons and it looks like Aquafresh water purifier wins with great margin. Thanks for the detailed info.

    1. Dear Sagar,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Please let us know if you want to see a specific comparison between any of the water purifiers in India, which might not be available on our portal. We will do our best to answer your query.
      Thanks and have a nice day !

  9. Preeti Gupta

    ​I have used Aquafresh for many years now. and its the best option when it comes to best water purifiers in India. its budget friendly and easy to maintain. Service is good. best option for families.

  10. Pradeep Rajput

    Its a good water purifier, very cost effective and easy to maintain. Your discount option is good, i have recommended my friends to your website.

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