pro tip on eye protection does and donts of contact lenses
November 14, 2019

Why people use Colored Contact lenses ?

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Coloured contact lenses are the best for anyone trying to beautify their looks. You can change your looks at will, or just enhance the natural eye colour with just a pair of lenses.

Amazing, aren’t they? You never would have thought that something like this would every be available to us. Coloured contacts just our lifestyle so much easier and glamorous. Unlike hair styling and makeup, it only takes a second and you are already looking wonderful. It is said that through one’s eyes you can peek into their soul, so just use the beautiful monthly coloured contact lenses and tell everyone how beautiful you really are.

 Colour Perfection Grey Colorways Coloured Contact Lenses -Without Powe

Coloured lenses are also used for special events and festivals such as Cosplay conventions and Halloween. People use the special lenses for changing their eye colour to look like the character they are dressing up as. It is all too great with coloured eye contacts.

While it is all fun and exciting with coloured lenses, you should know that there are certain Dos and Donts that you have to follow to use them safely. Because some people ignore these guidelines suffer from dangerous eye health consequences

Every DOs:

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So here we are going to discuss the Dos of contact lenses and how you should use them.

  • The first and most important thing before you buy lenses, buy only from the most reputable store.
  • Do some research with the lenses that would suit your eye colour, skin tone, hair colour and costume. You just cannot mess up your look with buying the wrong coloured lenses.
  • Buy a makeup kit that is specifically made for those types of coloured lenses.
  • These are safer to use.
  • Once you have ensured all the above points and you are ready to use lenses, wash your hands before you touch them.
  • Wash with soap and wipe with a lint free cloth
  • Now that you have inserted the lens in the eye, blink a few times so that the lens settles in perfectly.
  • If you want to apply makeup, apply it after putting in your contact lenses and wash your makeup after taking of the lenses.
  • Keep your contact lenses away from other cosmetics such as powder, mascara and eye shadows
  • Do take of your coloured contact if they start to irritate in the eye. If the pain is persistent, consult your doctor at once.

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All the Donts

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Below mentioned are the DONTs of the Halloween contact lenses that you must follow.

  • Never use water to clean your lenses.
  • Water contains micro-organisms that can go in your eyes and cause infection.
  • Also, never use saliva to clean the lenses as it contains bacteria.
  • Only use the disinfectant solution that comes with the contact lenses.
  • Never ever share your contact lenses with anyone. 
  • They are yours and yours alone. If your friend or family members asks to use them, deny it firmly. It will harm you and the one you share with.
  • This is a major issue that transmits eye diseases from one person to another.
  • Never use your contact lenses beyond the expiry date.
  • Every contact lenses that you use have an expiry date.
  • Some are daily disposable contact lenses and some are weekly or monthly lenses.
  • Once they expire, throw them away and buy a brand new pair if you have to use them.
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  • Never go to bed without taking of your lenses, unless they are extended eye contacts. If you forget to take of your lenses it will dry up your eyes and probably cause corneal abrasion. if by mistake, you forget to take them out and doze off, do not panic. Use eye drops to re-wet your eyes and then take them off. Afterwards visit your doctor immediately..
  • Never buy your favourite contact lenses from anywhere. Stay miles away from flea markets, grey stores and beauty salons. Most of them are selling low quality products that will simply hurt your eye health. 
  • Only stick to the best brands and online stores. Do your research and find the best brand or online store that is selling the highest quality product. Never fall for the cheap price of the coloured contact lenses.


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Whether you are using contact lenses or Halloween contact lenses, make sure you are following all the guidelines that are necessary. The more precaution you take, the safer you will be. After all, you do not want to ruin the fun you had by damaging the health of your eyes. In the end make sure to have lots of fun.

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