June 27, 2022

Wrinkles and forehead wrinkles are a common problem with increasing age. But some factors may stimulate the wrinkled forehead to come to the face faster. Or it may make the wrinkles look deeper than usual. Of course, the problem of wrinkled forehead will affect confidence. Especially wrinkles on the forehead that are before age.


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but even then You can deal with a wrinkled forehead in a number of ways. both self care Using skin care products that have anti-aging properties. risk factor avoidance Including the treatment of wrinkles on the forehead with medical procedures. This article will help tell the reasons that may cause forehead wrinkles. including how to treat wrinkles on the forehead


Wrinkled forehead is caused by what?

Wrinkles and wrinkles are one sign of increasing age. because the cells within the body Including skin cells will gradually deteriorate various natural substances that used to help the skin look firm. For example, collagen and elastin (Elastin) are reduced in quantity and less created, thus causing wrinkles on the face and body.


In addition, external factors can affect the occurrence of forehead wrinkles, especially

– Smoking, toxins and chemicals in cigarettes affect the body in many ways. These substances will enter the cells. including damaged skin cells And of course, regular smoking is associated with a greater risk of wrinkling.

– UV rays from sunlight It is a part that causes skin cells to be damaged, imbalanced, lacking moisture and may increase the risk of aging as well.

– Using products that contain irritants Especially perfumes, alcohol, colors, preservatives and other substances that cause dry and inflamed skin.

– Repetitive facial expressions such as smiling and laughing

– Dry skin may increase the risk of forehead wrinkles. and more wrinkles

– Other factors affecting cell degeneration such as dust, smoke, pollution, stress and unhealthy diet.

– Certain skin diseases may also increase the risk of this problem.


How to deal with forehead wrinkles

A wrinkled forehead may be corrected and slowed down in the following ways.


  1. Take proper care of your skin and keep it hydrated.

Taking proper care of your skin on a daily basis is something you can start today. This may start with cleansing the face with gentle and deep cleansing products. Does not make your face dry and tight


together with the use of skin care products that contain moisturizing agents or moisturizers (Moisturizer) to keep the skin moist always. This is because skin that is well-hydrated is less prone to wrinkles and skin problems.


In addition, hydrated skin may help shallower forehead wrinkles. Should choose products that are friendly to the skin. Free from irritants Especially perfumes, alcohol, preservatives and colors.


  1. Use anti-aging products

Anti-aging products are popular and easy to find. There are many styles and brands. Most anti-wrinkle products contain active ingredients that help the skin look fuller, firmer, more elastic and less wrinkled.


Examples of active ingredients in this group are retinoids, vitamin A, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, peptides, and other extracts.


Although there is scientific evidence that these substances may help fade wrinkles and fine lines. But it is not enough to confirm that products containing these substances can actually reduce wrinkles and solve the problem of wrinkled forehead.


In addition, each formula reduces wrinkles. Each brand contains different ingredients, so it’s impossible to determine which one is best for reducing wrinkles. And the results of using these products may vary from person to person. In addition, some substances may cause side effects from their use.


For those who are interested in using products to reduce wrinkles. Should buy a product that is safe and reliable. Don’t buy products that are exaggerated or see unusually fast results. including products sold on social media If you have a chronic disease or skin disease Consult your doctor before using any product.


  1. Avoid exposure to sunlight.

As mentioned, UV rays cause skin cells to inflame, burn, and irritate. Over the long term, sun exposure can be a factor in many skin problems. Including the problem of wrinkled forehead and wrinkles on the face.


Numerous studies have found that excessive or frequent exposure to sunlight and radiation may increase the risk of skin diseases such as melasma, dry skin, and premature aging. and skin cancer


Therefore, to reduce sun damage, always take care of yourself by applying a high SPF sunscreen before going out in the sun. Wear protective clothing to protect your skin from light. Open your umbrella when out in the sun. If possible, try to walk away or stand in the shade at all times.


  1. Quit Smoking

as well as UV Toxins from cigarettes accelerate the deterioration of cells and systems in the body, causing a variety of health problems. One study looked at the risk of aging in three groups of people of various ages.


The first group consisted of 299 non-smokers, 551 people who had quit smoking, and the third group of 286 people who smoke regularly. The study showed that people who smoke or have smoked have a higher risk of facial wrinkles than non-smokers.


For this reason, quitting smoking is another way that may help slow down the degeneration of cells in the body. reduce wrinkles forehead wrinkles including reducing the risk of other health problems It’s not just the toxins from smoking. Secondhand smoke has different effects on the body.


Therefore, exposure to tobacco smoke in any form should be avoided. If you have trouble quitting smoking You can consult your doctor for advice.


  1. Get treated with medical procedures.

At present, there are a variety of tools, procedures and medical technologies that can help solve the problem of wrinkled forehead. including skin problems, wrinkles and other problems effectively Your doctor may recommend the following ways to deal with forehead wrinkles.


– Resurfacing is a procedure that exfoliates the skin to remove old or dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin from the forehead and face. Makes the skin look smoother. Exfoliation can be done in several ways. Both the use of creams mixed with exfoliating agents. to the use of lasers

– Botox injections (Botox) or botulinum toxin (Botulinum Toxin) to paralyze the forehead muscle or other muscles when smiling or making facial expressions. The forehead and facial muscles will not be able to move, thus causing wrinkles on the forehead.

– Skin lifting surgery can be done in many forms. Since making a specific part until doing the whole face In this way, it will reduce sagging, wrinkles, and help your face look tighter, firmer and younger.


The doctor may recommend a medical procedure to suit the severity of the forehead wrinkles problem and the needs of the patient. The results of these steps may be more noticeable and faster than other methods. But it comes with higher costs. In addition, all medical procedures can cause side effects.


The results of these methods may last for different periods of time depending on the procedure and lifestyle. So for value and safety Always consult a medical professional first.


Although the above methods may help to correct and slow down the problem of wrinkled forehead. But it’s only temporary. Because the body will deteriorate with time and with increasing age, however, taking care of your health in every aspect may help more or less. should pay attention to food eat healthy food get enough rest regular exercise and do stress-relieving activities


If at any time you feel that the problem of wrinkled forehead and facial wrinkles is bothersome and uncontrollable. should consult a doctor

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