Holi Tips For Skin And Hair,Holi Par Color Kaise Saaf Kare,How To Remove Holi Colour
December 30, 2019
Holi Tips For Skin And Hair,Holi Par Color Kaise Saaf Kare,How To Remove Holi Colour

Hello Friends, Today, I am Going to Talk About Before & After Holi Skin Care Tips holi tips for skin and hair Have a safe holi with these holi skincare tips because some of us suffer from skin diseases after Holi ...

Holi Tips For Skin And Hair

Holi is the festival of vibrant colors and is celebrated in the whole world with joy. Everyone likes to play Holi but as nowadays colors contain a lot of chemicals that affect our skin, hairs, nails, and complete body. Even some of us suffer from skin diseases after Holi just because of the harmful chemicals present in the colors.

Here are some methods to prevent yourself from harmful colors effect:


Max Care Wide Mouth Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, 500ml

Oiling is one of the best methods to prevent yourself from the effect of harmful synthetic pigments present in colors. You have to apply the pure coconut oil to your face, arms, elbows, foot, legs, hairs and every where on to the body. If you have dandruff please mix 9-10 drops of lemon juice to the oil beefier applying it to your head. You have to apply oil properly to your body parts so that it can prevent you from harmful effects of colors. The oil acts as a guard around your skin and hairs and doesn’t let them dry due to the effect of chemicals.

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Mamaearth Oil-Free Moisturizer For Face With Apple Cider Vinegar For Acne Prone Skin, 80 ml

You can use moisturizer as the remedy to prevent yourself from harmful Holi colors. You have to use the moisturizer that has sunscreen and must have SPF 20 or more than 20 so that it can also prevent you from the suntan. Remember to apply moisturizer properly behind the ears and on the ear lobes as everyone forgets these places and get affected by the harmful colors.


You must wear proper clothes to prevent your skin. Cotton clothes are preferred as the best clothes because if you wear synthetic or denim clothes they will stick to your body once someone splashes a bucket of water on you. Choose clothes which cover most of your body. There are more chances to prevent your skin if you cover more area from clothes.

Nail Paints:

DeBelle Nail paint Caramelo Yellow - 8 ml (Yellow Nail Polish)

You have to use nail pains to prevent your nails from the colors because nail paint forms the coating on your nails and prevent them from damage. You can also use nail varnish for massaging nails before going out to enjoy holy colors. Once you have played Holi remove the nail paint with remover and you will get your natural nails back.

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You must drink lots of water before playing Holi as it helps in keeping your skin hydrated and prevents your skin from colors entering inside the skin.

Lip balm:

TNW – The Natural Wash Herbal Beetroot Lip Balm For Soft & Shiny Lips (Paraben-free)

You must apply lip balm on your lips before playing Holi as it creates a waterproof layer on your lips and prevents them from the action of harmful chemicals in colors.


Make sure that you must not wear lenses at the time of Holi as if the color goes under the lenses it will harm your eye in the very worst manner. Avoid to wear glasses too if you can but if you cant do so make sure to care for your eyes as it can hurt you if anyone surprises you with colors.


Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Water – 100% Natural – 250 ml

You must carry rose water with you while going out to play Holi as it acts as the soothing agent and relaxes you instantly at the time of itching from colors. You can use aloe vera gel on your face beefier going out for playing Holi.

Organic Holi colors:

You must use the organic natural colors to play Holi as they are easy to remove from the skin. Take care that you must not use synthetic colors as they are very difficult to take out from the skin and have harmful effects for the skin.

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Mustard oil:

Anveshan Wood Pressed Mustard Oil, 500ml, Glass Bottle (Kolhu/ Kacchi Ghani/ Chekku)

You must use mustard oil for oiling your hairs as it is sticky in nature and prevents your hair from the harmful effects of synthetic colors. It also makes your hair healthy as it is natural and is being used from ancient times.


Some methods to remove Holi colors:

Cleansing cream:

Vaadi Herbals 24 Carat Gold Cleansing Cream, Marigold Oil and Wheatgerm Oil, 50g

After you have enjoyed your Holi now its turn to remove colors from your skin. Take any cleansing milk and apply it to your face and let it remain for 3-5 minutes. Then use the cotton to wipe out that cream. It will remove all the dust particles and colors that are stuck very badly on the skin.

Unboiled milk:

Take 1/4 cup of unboiled milk and put a few drops of oil. Take cotton and dip it into the mixture and start rubbing your face gently with the cotton and you will see that you are getting rid of your color without harming your face and this will maintain the moisture of your skin.

Herbal shampoo:

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar No Parabens & Sulphate Shampoo, 300mL
Luster Beer Shampoo (Sulphate & Paraben Free) - 210 ml

You can also use beer to take out color from your hair. This is the best method to remove colors from your hair. Take one small bowl of beer and add some vinegar in it. After washing your hairs with herbal shampoo apply this mixture to your hairs and leave it for at least 20-25 minutes. After that wash, your hair with normal water and you will see your clean and shiny hairs.

Curd pack:

Mackays Lime Curd, 340g Each (Pack of 2)

Take one bowl of curd and put some honey and turmeric in it. Mix it well and apply it to your complete body or to the parts which you think has become dry and rough. Apply this mixture and let it remain for some time and then wash it with normal water. You will feel very fresh and see your skin is glowing and hairs are shining.


Take some glycerine and add some rosewater to it. Apply this mixture to your face and skin where you are feeling eating dryness, roughness or anything else. This cool mixture will give you the soothing real and you feel fresh. Rinse your face and skin with cold water after some time as glycerine is sticky.

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YC CARE Vegetable Glycerin 200gm

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