Oriflame The One Illuskin Primer Best Review | ओरिफ्लेम प्राइमर रिव्यु
December 30, 2019
Oriflame The One Illuskin Primer Best Review | ओरिफ्लेम प्राइमर रिव्यु

​Oriflame The One Illuskin Primer Best Review | ओरिफ्लेम प्राइमर रिव्यु

Oriflame Primer

Oriflame is one of the biggest companies in terms of beauty products and its products are classy and affordable.  Products of Oriflame are designed in such a way that they make your daily makeup routine easy and effortless. The One Illuskin Primer of Oriflame is one of the best Oriflame products which is very effective for daily makeup needs.

What is a face primer?

New Oriflame The ONE IlluSkin Face Primer 30ml-(Pack of 2)

A face primer is a lotion or cream that is applied before makeup to improvise coverage and increase the time for which the makeup lasts on the face. Primer is an important part of makeup which helps to keep the makeup fresh for all-day by creating an extra layer between the face skin and makeup.

Importance of face primer:

Primer helps to conceal the pores on your face before makeup giving a smooth look to your skin. Even if you have small pores on your skin, if you use a foundation it makes your skin pores more visible. Hence applying a primer is beneficial as it makes a smooth layer on your skin and fills the pores so that your skin looks smooth and flawless. Oriflame One Illuskin Primer is suitable for all skin types like dry, oily and combination but it is not advisable to use a skin moisturizer with this primer if your skin is oily. It is sufficient to apply this Oriflame primer once in the morning and it will give a radiant look to your skin the whole day. There are some days when applying foundation is not necessary, you can simply apply a primer to give an amazing boost to your face.

How to apply face primer:

Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer, Clear, 30g

Some people think the use of primer is an unnecessary step during the makeup which is not true at all. Using a good quality primer helps to make your makeup long-lasting. Even if you are using expensive foundation and concealer for makeup, it is of no use if you are not using a good company foundation before applying foundation. This Oriflame primer fulfills all the needs and gives a very fine look to the makeup. Makeup primer also smoothens your skin which enhances the beauty of the skin. You should apply this primer before foundation and leave it for 4-5 minutes so that it gets completely absorbed into the skin.

Ronzille Foundation illuminating primer Primer - 50 ml (Transparent)

Makeup primer should be applied after cleansing the face before foundation avoiding the eye area using fingertips. Primers can also improve the texture of your skin and massaging it daily can have anti-aging properties and long-lasting benefits. It is advisable to use your fingertips to apply the face primer to improve the blood flow underneath so that it can easily penetrate under the skin and seal the pores to make your skin look smooth and soft. Applying primer before makeup will always help even if the weather outside is hot, cold, humid or dry. Some people like to go for a no-makeup look, primer helps you to give a little more polished look than the one when you woke up. You can also apply double primer on your eyelids to give a light eyeshadow look and it can also serve the purpose of a light foundation.

Primer for party makeup:

Colorbar New Perfect Match Primer, 30ml

If you are thinking to go to a party, use of a primer before makeup is surely going to help your makeup stay long by sealing the pores of your skin and preventing your foundation from getting cracky by forming a barrier.

Benefits of using face primer:

The consistency of this Oriflame primer is just like a cream and this makes it very easy to apply on your face. Applying only 2-3 drops of this primer is sufficient to give your face a perfect look as applying more amount can make the skin look greasy and oily. This primer is highly recommended for use as a base before makeup and is value for money. It evens the tan and gives the skin a more uniform look. The One Illuskin Primer can also be used by the people who do not apply makeup as it provides a soft matte look to the skin and there is no need to apply a BB cream or compact. This Oriflame product enhances the skin tone and creates a perfect makeup canvas. This also even tones the skin with its HaloLight Technology, increases the wear of foundation and helps in reducing the minimization of pores. If you apply this primer before makeup, your makeup with stay as it is for at least 4 to 5 hours and even after that it just increases the glow on your skin with time.

Mars 24K Gold Luxury Primer Oil-Free-58626 with Adbeni Kajal

Cost of Oriflame One Illuskin Primer:

The price of 30ml pack of Oriflame One Illuskin Primer is Rs 649 and you can get better deals if you purchase it from e-commerce websites like Amazon or local Oriflame distributors.

Primer vs skin type:

If you have dry skin and you do not apply primer before makeup, your skin will absorb the makeup and will create cracks and lines on the skin. On the other hand, if your skin is oily and you are applying makeup without a primer, it will make your skin look over shiny. This primer balances everything out and makes your makeup look perfect and long-lasting. Even if you want to keep your makeup simple and light by applying only BB cream, this primer will help you in giving a very attractive look to your face.

Adbeni Mars 5 Function Make-up Base Face Primer 30 ml (Transparent) with Adbeni Kajal

Oriflame Giordani gold face primer:

Oriflame Giordani Gold products are the world’s most beautiful products with infused raw ingredients. This will help you to give the best possible start to your makeup. It does not clog the pores but makes the skin looks smoother to give you make up a fantastic look by making a covering layer between your face and makeup.

primer oriflame

By using a primer before makeup, you would need to apply less foundation on your face to get a flawless look. This will make your makeup last for a comparatively long time and give your makeup a perfect and glowing finish. I would recommend using the Oriflame One Illuskin Primer as it is a very effective product to get a fine makeup look for your routine.

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