June 15, 2021

In the present era, beauty products and beauty machines have made our life smoother and convenient. Many types of beauty machines are being used in the beauty industry for many purposes. These days, a large variety of beauty technology is available to keep the skin beautiful, rejuvenated, and younger.

Different types of machines are used to treat saggy skin. The Micro current machine is in one of those. Aestheticism use this device for skin tightening therapies.

If you are looking for the best microcurrent machine for estheticians, then this guide will inform you in detail. Moreover, there are some other modern technologies that can be effectively used to treat saggy skin.

A radio frequency machine is also known as a facelift machine. It is also another good choice to treat saggy skin.

Below I’ll explain and compare both machines functioning separately.

Face lift Radiofrequency Device:

Radio frequency is used to convert electrical energy into low heat energy beneath the skin dermis.

This treatment stimulates collagen and elastin growth. Radio frequency is a popular therapy among other skin tightening therapies. These face lifting machines are widely used by aestheticism and beauticians. This therapy is equally beneficial to treat both facial fine lines and body wrinkles. It is a non-invasive treatment that lifts up the cheekbone area and enhances features.

Here I’ll share with you some benefits of this device:

  • Radiofrequency makes the skin plumper and tighter by repairing it.
  • It is suitable for 26 to 70 years older people.
  • It works out beneath facial dermis to treat open pores, face fat and wrinkles.

Here I’ll share some mild side effects of this treatment:

  • Temporary redness.
  • Temporary swelling.
  • Pregnancy, epilepsy and heart patients should avoid this treatment.

But this is a painless and safe treatment.

How many times a radio frequency therapy needed?

The energy waves give thermal heat inside your skin’s dermis to produce collagen and make the skin tissues firmer. You can do this therapy once a month at beginning of the treatment. This treatment duration depends on your skin’s condition but a dermatologist can better recommend the patient.

How much time is required to see the radio frequency treatment result?

Your skin needs some time to produce new collagen. Usually, this treatment takes 4 months to give effective results, and these last for 6 months.

Face lift Micro current Device:

Micro current devices use a low-voltage current of about 0 to 400 micro amperes to stimulate skin collagen.

It improves the production of skin development cells and rejuvenates the skin. Micro current devices are widely used to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin painlessly. It is a non-invasive and safe therapy as well.

Some benefits of this therapy are:

  • It provides immediate before and after results.
  • Safe and non-invasive treatment.
  • Suitable for 22 to 65 years older people.
  • It improves complexion, controls oil and lifts up fine lines.


Here are very rare side effects of this treatment:

  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Heart patients and pregnant women should avoid this treatment.

But a healthy person is safe to apply this therapy.

How many times a micro current therapy needed?

Micro current therapy is based on a regular series of treatments of about 1 to 3 times a week for initial 60 days as suggested by your dermatologist or aestheticism. After that, you can do this therapy 1 or 2 times a month. The regular treatment makes your skin’s tissue stronger and firmer. It gives strength to the skin’s collagen and elastin.

How much time is required to see the microcurrent therapy result?

A multitude of people claims that they see micro current therapy results just after their first treatment but if your skin is more wrinkled then you might need more therapies to see the required results.

Two ways to do this therapy:

This therapy can be done by two ways as described below:

Professional therapy:

Aestheticians do this treatment at their salons in a professional manner. Firstly, they apply the conductive gel on the skin and face. The hold two wands of a microcurrent machine to give low-voltage mild current to boost the collagen of your saggy face.

At-Home therapy:

You can do this therapy at your home but you need a microcurrent device with a conductive gel. These home treatments are cheaper than professional treatments. They costs usually about $250 to $500. This treatment is better for mild wrinkled patients. If you have severe wrinkles then you need professional treatment.

Microcurrent vs. Radiofrequency:

  • Microcurrent therapy tightens the facial muscle to lift up the saggy skin.
  • Radiofrequency therapy tightens the saggy skin.
  • Both are safe and non-invasive therapies.
  • Both treatments are good for all skin types.

But microcurrent is more suitable for mild wrinkled skin whereas, radiofrequency is preferable for mature saggy skin. These therapies provide almost the same result but both of them are expensive treatments. Now you can decide which therapy is more suitable for your body and face skin.

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