May 14, 2022

We prefer using skincare products that can offer multiple benefits. Skincare experts advise that we may get the best results from some tried and tested home remedies. How about embracing what culture and history have shared with us over the years? Can we take skincare to the next level by doing so? Well, skincare experts believe this is possible and the tea tree facewash is living proof of that belief.

This blog post will take you through the details of knowing why its rich anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties can help you beat the effects of pollution and dryness. It would also help you know some points that you could use to shortlist the best products online as per your skin type.

Why Tea Tree?

Natural ingredients are always in abundance. But the tea tree is an exception because it is found in Australia’s swampy and southern region. Then, why would experts worldwide crave to include tea tree extract in skin care products, even when it is not even found everywhere?

The Indigenous people in Australia used tea tree extracts in the form of oil for medicinal purposes. When such benefits became known to the world, skincare experts experimented on it and derived special benefits for the skin. This led to the synthesis of tea tree facewash that works well on acne and pimples. This is the reason for its popularity.

What Skin Problems Are Addressed by the Tea Tree Extract?

Many people have oily skin, and they suffer from skin problems. Their skin is quite sensitive and even using a lip balm requires careful consideration. They do not trust skincare products easily, let alone any face wash.

The best facewash to use in this scenario is the tea tree facewash from a trusted brand like Mamaearth. It is suitable for people who have oily and sensitive skin. It is also the best remedy for acne, pimples, and other blemishes.

Tip: We recommend opting for safe, gentle, and toxin-free skincare products made for sensitive skin. You may thus try the following lip care products if you have dry, chapped, or inflamed lips:

  • Mamaearth Ubtan Tinted 100% Natural Lip Balm with Turmeric & Saffron
  • CoCo Tinted 100% Natural Lip Balm with CoCo and Vitamin E
  • Mamaearth Cherry Tinted 100% Natural Lip Balm with Cherry and Coconut Oil

What Causes Acne? 

A certain kind of bacteria causes acne and pimples. These bacteria feed on dirt, oil, and grease and their outbreak leads to acne. The skin’s pores and surface contain unwanted dirt, oil, and grease. Hence, bacterial infection and acne formation on the skin are common.

How Can the Tea Tree Extract Cure Acne?

If acne is supposed to be caused by the growth of bacteria on the skin, the first thing to do would be to cut off the food supply. We know that grease, oil, and dirt are from the food supply for acne-causing bacteria. How can these food supplies be broken? Well, the answer is simple.

Using the tea tree facewash helps in keeping the skin clean. The cleansing process removes all dirt particles along with excess oil and grease. This is how the food for acne-causing bacteria is destroyed.

The next thing that needs to be figured out is removing the acne-causing bacteria. Cutting off bacteria’s food supply will weaken them but would not assure their permanent removal.

One should opt for an ingredient with enhanced antiseptic properties to remove such bacteria permanently. This is why we should opt for a skincare product made with tea tree extracts because it contains enhanced antibacterial properties. Along with keeping the skin clean, using the tea tree facewash from a reputed brand like Mamaearth also guarantees the removal of such acne-causing bacteria permanently.

All students are introduced to the same syllabus in class. However, do all students score the same marks in the final examination? No, of course not! Similarly, if you look at how far the skincare products have come, not all facewash products have been able to use the benefits of the tea tree extract equally well in their formula.

Therefore, looking for the best tea tree facewash can be difficult unless you know how to follow the guidelines leading to the final selection. Here is something to help you shortlist the best face wash for your skin type.

How Can You Choose the Best Tea Tree Facewash? 

Choosing the right skin care product based on your skin type is not easy. You need to stay careful and consult experts also at times. If you need to understand how to choose the best tea tree facewash out of the various options in the market, we have a list that you can follow.

Step 1 – Natural Ingredients:

Choose skincare products made of natural ingredients. This ensures that the formula is mild and effective. A mild formula works much better than a stronger one for acne-affected skin.

Step 2 – Zero Toxins and Adulterations:

Make sure the facewash you purchase is authentic and made of pure ingredients. Thus, you need to choose a product devoid of harmful chemicals and toxins. We believe that slow and steady recovery is always better than rapid but destructive results.

Step 3 –Compatibility with your skin type: 

Acne can occur on different types of skin. You need to check if the facewash is compatible with your skin type. We like to use a unisex tea tree oil-based face wash suitable for all skin types to ease this process.

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Step 4 – Safety Assurance:

Being concerned about the safety of your skin is justified. We recommend checking for the product’s certifications by reading the product description. Clinically tested and safe skincare products always accompany a safety certificate like those given by Made Safe and the FDA.

Our Favourite Tea Tree Oil-based Facewash: 

Apart from sharing the list of steps you can follow before purchasing this skincare product, we would like to help you narrow your search by recommending what we feel is the best in the market. As per our personal experience, we like using Mamaearth’s Tea Tree Facewash for Acne and Pimples.

It also features Neem and Aloe vera extracts that provide enhanced antiseptic properties that help soothe redness. Applying it every day would be best if you have oily or sensitive skin. This unique product will surely win your heart if you try it!

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