March 8, 2022

Our hair undergoes a lot of changes. Several elements affect your hair, ranging from pollutants to heat. We understand how tough it is to maintain your hair when you have a busy work schedule, but now you may sit at your laptop while masks or hair growth oil are applied to your scalp, thanks to the new work-from-home trend.



Hair needs sufficient nutrition to be strong, healthy, and lustrous. Likewise, hair, like the other body parts, needs nutrients to grow and become strong. Although you may certainly make dietary modifications that strengthen your hair from within, you cannot overlook oiling.


Hair growth oils are derived from natural sources using different techniques. Essential oils are known for their fragrant effects, but they also have powerful chemical components that can be helpful to one’s health. Because of their efficiency and minimal danger of harmful effects, essential hair growth oils have traditionally been utilized in alternative, Eastern and homeopathic medicine.


One advantage of hair growth oil is that it can help regrow hair. In addition, the oil may help with anything from hair growth to providing strength and luster. So here is a list of the best oils that you can choose to have longer, shinier, and lustrous hair:


Important Factors to consider: The Best Oils for Healthy Hair and Thickness


Choosing a solution that includes the goodness of nature (combined with no dangerous chemicals or poisons) sounds like a smart option under such circumstances. Everything else you do might make the problem worse.

The same also counts in the case of choosing the best hair oil for yourself. While you may desire healthy and strong hair, we recommend you also check for the following factors. If you are having problems with hair loss or premature greying, you should think about these reasons as well.


  1. Select a hair care product free of harsh, hazardous chemicals: The easiest method to find the right hair care product is to look for one that is free of harmful chemicals and toxins. For example, you will get significant benefits if you use almond, castor, or amla oil.


If you select a scientifically boosted product, but on the other hand, you might notice some benefits much more quickly at first. However, it may cause you much more problems than before, and you will come to regret utilizing such a hair care product.


  1. Avoid any product that contains harmful chemicals or toxins: When looking for the best hair oil for healthy growth, be sure to read the contents list carefully. You should not contemplate purchasing a product that includes dangerous ingredients such as parabens, SLES, silicones, or mineral oils.


Different hair growth oil that seems to have harsh active ingredients in their recipe could present a serious threat to your scalp and tresses. If you are using a hair care product that contains any of these toxic elements, your hair will begin to fall out more frequently. You should also be equally cautious about products that contained too pronounced additional colors or aromas or both.


  1. Examine the long-term consequences of your hair loss problems: We understand your need to get the best oil for hair regrowth. Your hair, on the other hand, may require more. For example, you may be worried about dandruff or split ends, or your hair may be missing its natural and healthy shine. So, see a hairstylist or a beautician learn how to give your hair more thickness and bounce.


Recognize its compatibility with your hair texture: If you check the hair care products, you will see that some are designed for natural curls, while others are designed for straight hair and so forth. You should select a hair growth oil appropriate for your hair type.


  1. Select a brand with licensed certification and proven results: When you go shopping for hair care products, you will find yourself in the center of a vast ocean of options. There are just too many companies accessible nowadays, both online and in markets. This is both simple and apparent to get puzzled.


This would be beneficial if you choose a well-known brand among professionals and frequent customers. This would assist you in determining the best way to develop your hair care regimen. Remember that the most important aspect of any product is its quality. Mamaearth is one such brand with a licensed certification of Made Safe and is of excellent quality and safe for regular use.


List of hair growth oil by Mamaearth which guarantees to provide results includes:-


  1. Onion Hair Oil for Regrowth and Hair Fall Control with Redensyl-  Mamaearth Onion Oil has been updated with a new and enhanced process for even thicker, smoother, and healthier hair. It is time to embrace healthy and strong hair with the tested benefits of Onion, now with an updated lightweight and non-sticky formula and amazing aroma.
  2. Tea Tree Hair Oil with Tea Tree and Ginger Oil for Dandruff Free Hair- The ideal solution for dandruff and irritated scalp is here! Mamaearth Tea Tree Hair Oil for hair is formulated with the benefits of natural Tea Tree and Ginger Oil extracts and antibacterial properties that help repair the scalp and eliminate dandruff-causing germs.

Besides unclogging scalp build-up and feeding hair cells, the Tea Tree Hair Oil penetrates deeply and promotes healthy hair growth.


  1. Bhringamla hair oil with Bhringraj and amla for Intense Hair Treatment- BhringAmla Oil is an Ayurvedic mixture of fifteen medicinal plants (Jadi Buti), including Bhringraj Oil and Amla Oil, which keeps hair thick and the scalp healthy. These natural ingredients in this hair growth oil prevent hair loss, helps control greying, and decrease dandruff, earning it the moniker “miracle elixir for the hair.”


Mamaearth BhringAmla Oil is made using the ancient and esoteric Ayurvedic procedure of ‘Kshirpak Vidhi.’ Then, in a procedure that demands care and accuracy, ‘Kshira,’ or milk, is blended with various plants. Mamaearth Bring Amla Hair Oil is the secret to strong, luscious, and silky hair.

Summing up!


We understand that worrying about hair fall and its problems are genuine, but not working on the solution will worsen the scenario. We hope this information will help you choose the right natural hair growth oil to make your hair healthy and strong. It is time to take a positive decision and make the change for yourself!

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