Anto Garabet
February 1, 2023

Anto Garabet’s Journey to a Net Worth of $5 Million

Anto Garabet, better known as AntoDaBoss, is a successful YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers. So, how did he get to where he is now? Let’s dive into his career path and what brought him financial success.

A Career Path Unlike Any Other

Anto’s career started when he was in middle school, where he discovered his passion for filmmaking. After creating short videos and sharing them with his classmates, he eventually launched his YouTube channel, AntoDaBoss, in July 2009. However, his primary passion for football never faded. So, he produced sports content for his channel, which eventually gained him a dedicated following.

Anto’s Net Worth Revealed

Anto’s net worth began to grow as his channel gained more subscribers and views. Currently, he makes approximately $50,000 per year and has a net worth of approximately $5 million. This success has come from years of hard work and dedication to creating quality content for his followers.

Lifestyle and Fun Facts About Anto Garabet

Besides being a successful YouTuber, Anto is also a true Armenian original. He was born on June 15, 1993, in Armenia, making him 29 years old. He is his family’s only son and has two sisters. Anto and his family eventually relocated to the United States and now reside in Baltimore, Maryland. Besides his passion for football and making videos, Anto enjoys traveling with his girlfriend, Stephanie Clark.

Anto Garabet’s Relationship Status with Stephanie Clark

Anto has been dating Stephanie Clark since July 7, 2015, and this year marked their fifth anniversary. Stephanie is also a YouTuber who has also appeared in videos alongside Anto. They enjoy traveling together and watching football games. They are a very loving and happy couple who have been together since before they were famous.

Anto Garabet’s Physical Appearance and Personal Stats

Anto Garabet has a distinct personality and physical appearance. He has dark brown eyes and a black beard, with a slightly puffy face. He also has short black hair and stands at 5′ 6′′ tall, weighing around 63kg. Besides these physical attributes, no other personal statistics are currently available.


1. How did Anto Garabet get famous?

Anto Garabet got famous as a YouTuber by creating quality sports content on his channel, AntoDaBoss. After several years of hard work, the channel gained over 2 million subscribers and brought him financial success.

2. What is Anto Garabet’s net worth?

Anto Garabet’s net worth is approximately $5 million. He makes approximately $50,000 per year as a result of his hard work invested in his YouTube channel.

3. Who is Anto Garabet’s girlfriend?

Anto Garabet’s girlfriend is Stephanie Clark, a fashion and lifestyle blogger who also has a YouTube channel with 92k subscribers.

4. How old is Anto Garabet?

Anto Garabet was born on June 15, 1993, and is 29 years old.

5. Where is Anto Garabet from?

Anto Garabet was born in Armenia and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States.

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