Boogie Tillmon
January 27, 2023

Boogie Tillmon: A Look into Her Life, Net Worth, and Career

Boogie Tillmon is a former exotic dancer and ex-wife of the famous American actor, screenwriter, and composer Trey Parker. The couple tied the knot in 2014 and divorced in March 2019. While her ex-husband has a colossal net worth of $600 million, Boogie Tillmon’s net worth ranges between $250,000 and $300,000 USD. Let’s dive deeper into her personal and professional life.

Early Life of Boogie Tillmon

Boogie Tillmon was born in the United States of America, and her exact birth date is unknown. Based on her photos, she is in her late 30s. Unfortunately, there is no information about her family history or childhood. However, she has American citizenship and is of white nationality. Tillmon attended the University of America, which is renowned for its academic excellence.

Boogie Tillmon’s Relationship Status

Currently, Boogie Tillmon seems to be single. She had previously married Trey Parker, who eventually became her husband, but the relationship did not work out. Although there is no information about how they met or their dating history, the couple married in 2014, but their marriage ended in divorce in March 2019. They share a daughter, Betty Boogie Parker- a five-year-old talented girl who voices and plays Kyle Broflovski’s adopted brother Ike in South Park. Trey Parker requested joint legal and physical custody of their daughter in court documents.

Boogie Tillmon’s Physical Appearance

Boogie Tillmon has a striking personality with a good height and attractive physique. The exact body measurements including bust size, waist size, and hip size are not available, but she appears to be fit and toned. Her hair is brown, and her eyes are black. However, her bra size, dress size, and shoe size remain unknown.

Boogie Tillmon’s Career Line

Boogie Tillmon is a former exotic dancer, but there is no other information about her career. However, her famous ex-husband introduced her to the limelight. Trey Parker is best known for co-creating South Park with Matt Stone and co-developing the Tony Award-winning musical called “The Book of Mormon.” The Broadway production became so successful that they used the profits to establish their own Important Studios. Trey Parker voiced Balthazar Bratt, in Universal Pictures’ 2017 film “Despicable Me 3,” which was the first time he took on a role that he or Matt Stone did not write. Parker received several awards throughout his illustrious career, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013.


1. Who is Boogie Tillmon?
Boogie Tillmon is a former exotic dancer and the ex-wife of Trey Parker, an American actor, screenwriter, and composer known for co-creating South Park.

2. What is Boogie Tillmon’s current relationship status?
Boogie Tillmon currently seems to be single.

3. What is Boogie Tillmon’s net worth?
Her estimated net worth ranges between $250,000 and $300,000 USD.

4. Who is Trey Parker?
Trey Parker is a famous American actor, screenwriter, and composer known for co-creating South Park and co-developing The Book of Mormon.

5. Does Boogie Tillmon have a daughter?
Yes, Boogie Tillmon has a daughter named Betty Boogie Parker who was born in 2013 and shares joint custody with her ex-husband Trey Parker.

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