Bruce Bealke
February 5, 2023

Who is Bruce Bealke?

Bruce Bealke is an American lawyer and the husband of famous drag queen, actor, and model, Willam Belli. Although he is a private person who has kept his personal life away from the public eye, he has gained attention from being married to Willam. Bruce co-founded the Nolitedolum company.

What is the Net Worth of Bruce Bealke?

Bruce Bealke has not made his earnings or net worth public. However, as a lawyer, he most likely earns a living. Willam’s net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be around $1 million, according to available information.

What are the Facts About Bruce Bealke?

Bruce Bealke’s personal life has been kept secret. There is no single piece of information about his childhood, early life or family background. He was, however, raised in a good home. His age, birthday and horoscope are currently unknown. He is an American celebrity husband who co-founded the Nolitedolum company.

Is Bruce Bealke Still Married?

Bruce Bealke is happily married to Willam Belli, who he met when he was 19 years old. They began dating and got married on September 9, 2008, after dating for more than six years. However, there are no further details about their love life.

How Tall is Bruce Bealke?

Bruce Bealke is an undeniably attractive man. However, he has not made any of his body measurements public. He also has brown eyes and brown hair.

What is Willam Belli’s Career?

Willam Belli’s career began with the role of a street hustler in the TV series “The District” (2002), and continued to build a name for herself/himself as an actress/actor with minor roles in TV series and films. Willam’s popularity grew at first, resulting in notable roles, but she was also cast in the fourth season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Her popularity, however, skyrocketed, and she went on to launch a music career. She has released four studio albums and has appeared in over 80 film and television titles, including the notable role of Emerald in the Academy Award-winning film “A Star is Born” (2018).


Bruce Bealke may be a private person, but he is married to a famous drag queen, actor, and model, Willam Belli, whose career is one to watch. Bruce is an American celebrity husband and co-founder of the Nolitedolum company. Although not much is known about his personal life, he is an incredibly successful lawyer who is most likely doing well.


1. What does Nolitedolum Company do?

The Nolitedolum company is a private firm that provides investment advice, financial planning, risk management, and other financial services.

2. What is the net worth of Willam Belli?

Willam Belli’s net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be around $1 million.

3. Does Bruce Bealke Have Any Children?

There is no information about Bruce Bealke’s children. They have not spoken publicly about having children.

4. Does Bruce Bealke have any social media accounts?

Although there is no information available about Bruce Bealke having any social media accounts, he may have an account under a different or unique username.

5. What is Bruce Bealke’s educational background?

Bruce Bealke attended the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism before enrolling in the Saint Louis University School of Law, where he earned a Juris Doctorate in 1988.

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