February 17, 2023

Uncovering LaurenzSide’s Rise to Fame: Everything You Need to Know

Lauren Weber, famously known as LaurenzSide, is a popular YouTuber and gamer with a massive following. Her entertaining and engaging videos have earned her a dedicated fan base over the years. In this article, we dive deep into LaurenzSide’s life, her rise to fame, personal life, and even her net worth for 2023.

LaurenzSide’s Career Journey

LaurenzSide started her journey on YouTube in 2007. However, she only started creating videos regularly in 2013. Her first-ever video was a Sims 3 playthrough, and since then, she’s made countless videos that range from funny playthroughs, challenges, and reaction videos. Lauren’s unique personality comes through in all of her content, and that’s what sets her apart.

Today, her videos have millions of views, and she has become one of the most influential YouTubers in the gaming community. She has an impressive following of over 7 million subscribers on YouTube, and her videos have been viewed over 2 billion times.

LaurenzSide’s Personal Life

Aside from her entertaining videos, Lauren has always been vocal about her personal life. She was born in 1989 in New York, and she grew up in a small town on Long Island. Lauren has always been passionate about video games and started playing them at an early age.

She went to college at The University of Tampa and later pursued a career in technology. However, she found that creating content and making videos was what she enjoyed doing the most. She quit her job in 2012 to make videos full-time.

Lauren has always been open about her relationships in her videos. She is happily married to her husband, Bobby. They got married in 2016, and they frequently make appearances on each other’s social media.

LaurenzSide’s Net Worth for 2023

LaurenzSide’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million in 2023. Her primary source of income is her YouTube channel, where she earns money through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

Aside from her YouTube channel, LaurenzSide has also ventured into Twitch streaming, where she has a following of over 800,000 followers. She also has a successful clothing line called “TeeSpring by LaurenzSide,” where she sells different types of merchandise.


1) What Games Does LaurenzSide Play?
LaurenzSide is known for playing a wide array of games, from simulation games like The Sims and Animal Crossing, to horror games like Outlast and Five Nights at Freddy’s. She’s also played popular games like Among Us and Minecraft.

2) How Does LaurenzSide Edit Her Videos?
LaurenzSide typically edits her videos using Adobe Premiere Pro, which is a popular video-editing software used by many YouTubers.

3) How Can I Support LaurenzSide?
The best way to support LaurenzSide is by subscribing to her YouTube channel, following her on social media, and purchasing her merchandise. Additionally, you can watch her videos and leave positive comments to help with engagement.


LaurenzSide’s rise to fame is a testament to how hard work and dedication can translate into success. Her fun and engaging personality, coupled with her love for gaming, has earned her a massive following on YouTube and Twitch. As she continues to create content and grow her brand, we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the future!

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