Maria Lewis
January 29, 2023


Maria Lewis is an Australian author, television presenter, screenwriter, and journalist. She is well-known for her boldness, strong opinions, and infectious personality, which are evident in her work. Let’s unpack her amazing journey to fame, her net worth in 2023, and how she balances her family life with her busy career.

Maria Lewis’ Early Life and Career

Maria Lewis was born in Tasmania, Australia, but grew up in Brisbane. At an early age, she showed a keen interest in writing and storytelling, which eventually led her to study journalism. Maria started her career as an intern in television and radio, where she honed her skills in reporting, writing, and presenting.

Her Journey to Fame

Maria’s unique writing style and storytelling talent got noticed by various media companies, leading to her being offered many opportunities with some of the biggest names in the industry. After gaining popularity as a journalist, she ventured into screenwriting, and her first movie, “Who’s Afraid of the Dark,” was a massive success. With a newfound love for screenwriting, she went on to pen several successful screenplays for popular TV shows.

Net Worth 2023

With her continued success, Maria’s net worth has seen significant growth over the years. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be around $7 million AUD. This is due to her many successful books, screenplays and hosting engagements.

Maria Lewis: An Inspiring Journey as a Mother and Author

Maria’s inspiring journey is not only about her rise to fame but about her ability to balance her career with her family commitments. As a mother, she prioritizes her time with her child, but also finds the time to excel in her career. She has been an inspiration to many who endeavor to achieve a balance between work and family.


Q: What is Maria’s most successful book?
A: Maria’s most successful book is “Who’s Afraid?,” which has a loyal following of readers and also got a TV adaptation.

Q: What makes Maria Lewis stand out as an author?
A: Maria is known for her bold writing style and unique storytelling talent, which set her apart from her peers.

Q: What other notable achievements has Maria accomplished?
A: In addition to her work in screenwriting and journalism, Maria has also hosted several successful TV shows and written many powerful opinion pieces on social issues.


Maria Lewis’ journey is nothing short of inspiring. She has succeeded in different fields of media, and her unique blend of talent, determination and passion have brought her immense success. Her inspiring journey is a reminder that with hard work, tenacity and strong family support, one can achieve greatness.

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