Ali Larter
January 29, 2023

Who is Ali Larter and What are her Achievements?

Ali Elizabeth Larter is a well-known model and actress from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. She has made significant contributions to the American entertainment industry by her performance in both television series and movies. In her early career, she appeared in a 1996 Esquire magazine hoax as a fictional character named Allegra Coleman. Later, she landed the role of Darcy Sears in the movie “Varsity Blues” in 1999, which gave her major recognition.

In this article, we will dive deeper into Ali Larter’s personal and professional life. So, let’s get started.

Ali Larter’s Personal Life

Ali Larter is happily married to actor and comedian Hayes MacArthur since August 1, 2009. The couple met on the set of National Lampoon’s comedy in 2005 and got engaged in December 2007. They have two beautiful children together named Theodore Hayes MacArthur and Vivienne Margaret.

Hayes MacArthur – Ali Larter’s Husband

Hayes MacArthur is an American stand-up comedian and actor who was born on April 16th, 1977, in Chicago, Illinois. He won the Rebels of Comedy Competition in 2003, which started his career in comedy. He has appeared in various television shows like Medium, Angie Tribeca, and Perfect Couples.

Ali Larter’s Achievements

Ali Larter has appeared in numerous popular movies in her career, like Legally Blonde, Final Destination, and Resident Evil: Afterlife. She also played a lead role in the television series Heroes, where she portrayed the character of Niki Sanders.

Quick Facts about Ali Larter

  • Ali Larter was born on February 28, 1976, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States.
  • As of 2023, she is 47 years old.
  • She belongs to a mixed ethnic background and has faith in the Christian religion.
  • She is known to have an estimated net worth of around $8 million.
  • Ali Larter stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 56 kg.


Ali Larter is a talented actress and model who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. She has appeared in numerous movies and television shows, showcasing her acting prowess. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to her work have made her a well-respected figure in Hollywood.


Q1. What is Ali Larter’s net worth?

A. As of 2023, Ali Larter’s estimated net worth is around $8 million.

Q2. How old is Ali Larter?

A. As of 2023, Ali Larter is 47 years old.

Q3. Who is Ali Larter’s husband?

A. Ali Larter is married to actor and comedian Hayes MacArthur.

Q4. What are some of Ali Larter’s popular movies?

A. Some of Ali Larter’s popular movies are Legally Blonde, Final Destination, and Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Q5. What role did Ali Larter play in Heroes?

A. Ali Larter played the character of Niki Sanders in the television series Heroes.

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