Emily Canham
February 2, 2023


Emily Canham is a renowned YouTuber, beauty influencer, and social media star from the United Kingdom. She has gained massive popularity on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Through her engaging vlogs, beauty tips, and daily insights into her life, Emily has gathered a loyal fan base. In this blog post, we will unveil some exciting facts about Emily Canham, including her age, height, boyfriend 2023, net worth, and more! So, buckle up and let’s dive in.

Section 1: Early life

Emily was born on April 5th, 1997, in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England. She grew up in the same place and attended a local school. During her teenage years, Emily was active in cheerleading and participated in various competitions.

Section 2: College years

After completing her high school education, Emily went to study fashion photography at the University of Arts, London. She graduated in 2017 and started her career as a beauty influencer on social media.

Section 3: Career beginnings

Emily started her career on YouTube in 2013. She posted her first video, a review of a Soap & Glory face mask product, on July 17th, 2013.

Section 4: YouTube success

Emily’s YouTube channel now has over 1.3 million subscribers. She posts videos related to beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Some of her most popular videos include “My Everyday Makeup Routine,” “20 life hacks you need to know,” and “My Travel Essentials.”

Section 5: Instagram popularity

Emily’s Instagram account, @emilycanham, now has over 800,000 followers. She regularly posts photos of herself, travel destinations, and lifestyle.

Section 6: Other social media

In addition to YouTube and Instagram, Emily is an active user of Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Section 7: Relationship status

Emily is currently engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Ryan Libbey. They started dating in 2018 and announced their engagement in December 2020.

Section 8: Net worth

According to reports, Emily’s net worth is estimated to be around $600,000. She earns through her YouTube channel, sponsored posts on social media, and other brand collaborations.


Emily Canham stands as an inspiring figure to many, especially aspiring beauty influencers. Her career journey is a testament that through hard work, talent, and passion, one can achieve success. We hope this blog post has enlightened you about Emily’s life, career, and achievements.


1. When did Emily start her YouTube channel?
Emily started her YouTube channel in 2013.

2. How many subscribers does Emily’s YouTube channel have?
Emily’s YouTube channel has over 1.3 million subscribers.

3. Who is Emily’s boyfriend?
Emily is engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Ryan Libbey.

4. What is Emily’s net worth?
Emily’s net worth is estimated to be around $600,000.

5. What did Emily study in college?
Emily studied fashion photography at the University of Arts, London.

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