Endy Shelton
February 10, 2023

Endy Shelton: The Famous Sister of Blake Shelton

Endy Shelton is a well-known name in the United States. She is the younger sister of Blake Shelton, a country music star, television personality and social media sensation. Endy gained popularity not only because of her relationship with her brother but also because of her own talents as a jeweler.

Facts About Endy Shelton

Here are some interesting facts about Endy Shelton that you may not have known:

Full Name and Age

Endy Shelton was born on March 7, 1972 and is currently 51 years old. Her full name is Endy Sue Shelton.

Birthplace and Nationality

Endy was born and raised in Oklahoma, United States. She is an American national.

Family and Siblings

Endy is the younger sister of Blake Shelton and has another sister named Richie Shelton. Her parents are Richard Shelton and Dorothy Shelton.


Endy completed her formal education at a local school in Oklahoma and went on to study at East Central University.

Relationship Status

Endy Shelton is currently single and has not been linked with anyone romantically.

Height and Body Measurements

Endy Shelton is 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 65 kg. Her exact body measurements are not disclosed.


Endy is a well-known jeweler and has been working as one for several years.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Endy Shelton has an estimated net worth of $5 million US dollars.

Social Media Presence

Endy Shelton is active on several social media platforms. She has a Facebook profile, an Instagram account with the handle @endydesignz, and a Twitter account with 11.9k followers.

Endy Shelton’s Personal Life

Relationship Status

Despite being the sister of a famous country star, Endy Shelton prefers to keep her private life out of the limelight. There is no information available regarding any relationships or dating history.

Gender Preferences

Endy Shelton has not made any public statements regarding her gender preferences.

Controversial Events

Endy Shelton has no controversial events in her past or present.

Endy Shelton’s Professional Life

Endy Shelton’s Line of Work

Endy Shelton is a well-respected jeweler and is known for her unique designs. She has been working in the field for several years and has gained a reputation for her exquisite craftsmanship.

Relationship with Her Brother Blake Shelton

Endy’s relationship with her brother Blake Shelton has played a significant role in her life. Blake is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, and his success has helped put Endy’s work in the spotlight.

Blake Shelton’s Achievements

Blake Shelton is a country music icon who has released several successful albums and has made a name for himself in television shows and series. Some of his most popular albums include “The Dreamer,” “Based on a True Story,” and “If I’m Honest.”

Blake Shelton’s Collaborations

Blake Shelton has collaborated with several other talented musicians and has released numerous music videos. Some of his most notable collaborations include “The Voice” and “God’s Country.”

Endorsements and Accolades

Neither Endy Shelton nor Blake Shelton have endorsed any products or brands. Blake Shelton has won several awards for his contributions to the music industry, including multiple Grammy Awards and a CMA Award.


Endy Shelton may be known as Blake Shelton’s sister, but she has made a name for herself in the world of jewelry design. Her unique works have garnered much attention, and her net worth is testament to her success.


Who is Endy Shelton?

Endy Shelton is a famous jeweler and the younger sister of country music star Blake Shelton.

What is Endy Shelton’s net worth?

As of 2023, Endy Shelton’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million US dollars.

What is Endy Shelton’s profession?

Endy Shelton is a well-respected jeweler known for her unique designs.

Does Endy Shelton have any controversial events in her past?

No, Endy Shelton does not have any controversial events in her past.

What is the height of Endy Shelton?

Endy Shelton is 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

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