Vaishnav Tej
December 1, 2022

Vaishnav Tej: An Upcoming Star in the Telugu film Industry

Vaishnav Tej is a well-known model and Indian actor. He recently emerged as a new star in the Telugu film industry. Vaishnav Tej’s acting career undoubtedly pays him well, as he has worked in numerous Telugu films. In this article, we will discuss Vaishnav Tej’s net worth, personal life, and some exciting facts about him. Let’s dive in!

Facts About Vaishnav Tej: An Emerging Star in Telugu Films

Vaishnav Tej has undoubtedly established himself as a rising star in Telugu films. Here are some interesting facts to know about him.

Full Name

Vaishnav Tej’s full name is Panja Vaishnav Tej.

Age and Birthday

Born on January 13, 1990, Vaishnav Tej is 31 years old as of 2021. His birth sign is Capricorn.


Vaishnav Tej hails from Hyderabad, India.

Nationality and Gender

He is an Indian citizen known for his acting and modeling work. Vaishnav Tej is male.


Vaishnav Tej’s horoscope is Capricorn.


As of now, Vaishnav Tej is single.

Net Worth

Vaishnav Tej’s net worth is approximately Rs. 1.3 crores in Indian Rupees.


Vaishnav Tej stands 5 feet 11 inches tall.


Vaishnav Tej is an actor and model who works in Telugu films.


Vaishnav Tej has one brother, Sai Dharam Tej, who is also a well-known Indian actor.

The Personal Life of Vaishnav Tej

Vaishnav Tej continues to be a mystery man when it comes to his personal life. However, here’s what we know:

Dating Life

There are no rumors of Vaishnav Tej dating anyone at the moment. He has not revealed his previous or current dating history to the public.


Vaishnav Tej often shares pictures with his female friends on social media, but he has not named anyone as his partner.

Family Background

Vaishnav Tej is a part of the Allu-Konidela clan – an Indian film family famous for its work in Telugu cinema. He is also the nephew of Telugu actors Chiranjeevi, Nagendra Babu, and Pawan Kalyan.


Vaishnav Tej attended Nalanda School in Hyderabad and graduated from St. Mary’s College, Hyderabad.

The Career Path of Vaishnav Tej

Here’s what we know about Vaishnav Tej’s career path so far.

Acting Debut

Vaishnav Tej made his big-screen debut in the Telugu film ‘Uppena.’ The film, directed by Buchi Babu Sana, stars a newcomer, Krithi Shetty.

Assistant Director

Before becoming an actor, Vaishnav Tej worked as an assistant director on a few Telugu films.

Child Actor

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