September 8, 2022

Having your own accounting business or firm is the pinnacle of being an accountant. That’s as high as you can go in that particular profession. Not to mention having a feeling of immense satisfaction. However, owning such a huge business is not without its drawbacks. There is a lot of pressure to make the right decisions or to cut fair deals that will benefit your firm. Such actions take a toll on your mental and physical health.

Research conducted by CABA in 2021 concluded that at least 2 out of 5 accountants are too emotionally exhausted to deal with daily work activities. However, if not appropriately addressed, these health issues can cause permanent damage to your health.

But the question is, how can you overcome these issues without disturbing your workflow? Here are some ways you can improve your mental and physical health while keeping up with your job. So, let’s take a look at them:

Set Boundaries for Your Work Hours

A balance should be maintained between your professional and personal lives. Start by setting up clear work hours that you strictly follow no matter what (the only exception is in case of an emergency). Taking this step is crucial, especially if you work from home where the line between your work and personal life blurs to a point where it becomes increasingly chaotic.

The same goes for your education; if you’re pursuing an advanced accounting degree, such as an online MACC program to enhance your career, make it a habit to establish a study routine and stick with it.

As far as your work is concerned, let’s take an example like working from Monday to Friday is the familiar gist. Have the hours set from 9 to 5. Within these hours and specific days, you can wade through the documents that need signing and the deals that need closing. But after that, we recommend:

  • Do not answer any work-related calls
  • Avoid checking work emails
  • Excuse yourself from attending any client meetings after work hours
  • Leave your work laptop at the office and complete all pending work the next morning

Take Breaks in between Work Hours

Aside from the set work hours, you should allow yourself breaks every once in a while. Giving your body time to rest and re-energize, in turn, helps your work process. Moreover, it also allows you to maintain your focus. Plus, you can take advantage of the in-between breaks. Some of these activities include:

  • Exercise or workout
  • Take a walk to get some fresh air
  • Do some yoga poses to improve blood circulation and gives you a sense of peace
  • Turn to meditation if you’re not an active person

Keep a Clean Workspace

We were focused on the physical aspects of work. But those are not the only things that affect you. For example, the environment in which you work also affects you, for better or worse. So here is what you can do to improve it.

You’ll be amazed that studies show that your work environment can significantly affect your productivity. In fact, people working in suitable environments are 5% more productive than others.

Thus, a chaotic working environment can be disorienting and overwhelming. A lack of proper organization of your belongings can be frustrating. There are quite a few occasions when this occurs. Like, a pile of neglected papers or an open delivery box on a chair. So take some time every now and then to declutter your surroundings. It will help you a great deal. Here are some tips to get you into the habit:

  • Sticky notes – allow creation of to-do lists and color-coding of important files or papers
  • Drawer organizers – help organize office supplies which usually take up a lot of space
  • Desktop shelves – enable quick and efficient organization of paperwork that you need at hand
  • Filing cabinets – make it easier to find and organize large amounts of paperwork

In an organized and tidy workspace, you can work more efficiently, rather than having to search through a cluttered office and spend half your time looking for what you need. Not to mention, a clutter-free space is also suitable for mental health because a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind; trust us, this isn’t something you want. So, to keep yourself up in your number game, you must clean and organize your working space frequently.

Manage Your Time 

Time management is the key to success in life. We know that having a full schedule can be exhausting and one can grow increasingly frustrated with it and their work. It happens when you neglect your well-being in favor of your work. So the solution to a busy schedule is managing your time. To begin organizing your day, you need a calendar.

If you don’t have time or are overwhelmed by the task, you can use a business management app such as Google Workspace. The application organizes your contacts, meetings, and documents and provides reminders so you can stay on top of your schedule. If your project is of a larger scope, you may find other tools or apps more suitable such as Trello.

Despite all this, it is essential to spend time with your family. Be close to those you love. An effective support system is important since you’ll need someone once in a while after a draining day.

Make sure employees do high-value work by evaluating their capacity

Accounting firms can choose their clients. Globally, accounting services will grow 12.7% in 2022. It will remain above 11% annually through 2026, indicating that firms can afford to be pickier regarding who they retain and work with.

You should analyze how much value your company’s most challenging clients are providing in terms of revenue and profitability since this will help you reduce employee burnout and frustration. Remember, employee satisfaction matters the most at the end of the day. After all, they’re the ones sharing all the hard work with you.

The Way Forward!

We are well aware that running an accountancy firm is no easy feat. But to ensure your well-being and health, as well as that of your employees, you need to implement specific changes. We hope the ways discussed above will help you create a more productive, sane, and mentally healthy work environment in your firm.

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