June 27, 2022

Smoking has been a habit of human beings for centuries: from ancient herb burning in temples and the modern use of cigarettes and vape pens. At some point in time, some of the herbs people were smoking were considered to improve one’s health. Various types of inhalations are popular these days too.

Simultaneously, most of the population frowned upon medicines, the benefits of which were not proved scientifically. Nobody wants to risk their health regarding possible threats and illnesses. Even smokers do not always see this habit as the one that can be a positive environment for various disease developments or just poison the smoker.

But for obvious drawbacks (such as the possibility of lung disease or cancer development, nervous system damage, or even brain changes), some threats to skin health, and consequently, the way the smoker looks. Years ago, people had lots of stereotypes, and if they saw a person with dark nails and yellow teeth, they were sure the person was a smoker.

Firstly, today the technology of cigarette production has changed, and the effects might not be so visible. Moreover, some people prefer a weed vaporizer or e-liquid vape pen, which has other effects on human health. Secondly, people are not more afraid of dentists because the technologies for the procedures also have advanced. It is a usual thing for many to do professional teeth cleaning. Thirdly, the beauty market has bloomed. Nowadays, men and women tend to improve themselves using various techniques and cosmetic procedures.

So, what is the real impact of smoking and vaping on human skin?

To begin with, one should remember that the effects that vaping or smoking might have on the skin can be both direct and indirect. Firstly, vaping or smoking damages skin cells themselves or causes inflammation in them. The second case is when vaping or smoking harms one of the inner organs, and then you get a rash on your skin. Despite these examples being rather primitive and the real situation might be much more complex, they show the main principle of such influence.

The other thing that should be noted is that the effects on the skin could vary from person to person. Each organism can have a different reaction to certain elements. Some people are less prone to these damages; others are more prone to such damages. The other important factor is the substance that a person vapes or smokes. The number of possible things is quite high, but the most widespread options are nicotine leaves, nicotine liquids, nicotine-free e liquids, cbd, or cannabis. It should be noted that the best dry herb vaporizer can be used not only for marijuana but also for other herbs.

One of the cosmetic doctors from Woodford Medical, Dr. Mervyn Patterson, claims that both vaping and smoking have no beneficial outcomes for health. According to him, both the use of a vape pen or cigarette causes the appearance of several chemicals in the human body. Some of the chemicals could be toxic. Even if they are relatively neutral, they still might damage delicate ling tissue.

The list of the elements that a smoker or vaper inhales varies because each manufacturer produces e liquids. Also, some cigarette producers add some supplements into a cigarette, making it rather more complicated to distinguish the elements that a person inhales. The level of harm also varies because of the different times of exposure to smoking or vaping and the length of each session. Nevertheless, scientists managed to single out the most dangerous widespread elements: formaldehyde, nicotine and its derivatives, propylene glycol, and heavy metals. These can be found both after using the usual cigarette or the best vaporizer for dry herbs.

The important thing to note is that nicotine (whether consumed via a cigarette or a vape pen) can cause blood vessels to clot. And without proper blood circulation, your skin and other organs cannot work well. As a result, the skin loses its firmness, shining, and being lifted. The other problem is free radicals, which can enter your body after vaping or smoking. They decrease the levels of vitamins A and C, which play an important role in collagen and elastin production, so the quality of your skin deteriorates with time. The other effects might be wrinkles, skin dryness, sagging on breasts and arms, or pinch on your buttocks and legs.

It is not a secret that our skin reflects what we eat, whether we exercise or not, the quality of our sleep, and even the stress that we might go through. This is the biggest body organ, serving as a warehouse for your body. When your body does not have enough microelements, it takes them from the skin. Thus, if we damage the skin, we damage the whole body, lower our immune system, and decline the level of our health protection. The visible results of skin damage are an increased risk of abnormal cell division, loss of collagen and elastin, pigmentation, redness, skin aging, and skin cancers.

If CBD has a positive effect on the skin, is dry herb vaporizer positive or negative for the skin?

CBD is a constituent of cannabis. It can help in curing some skin diseases. The main point is one of the main CBD’s functions is anti-inflammatory function. Thus, applying some CBD ointment could be pretty effective when there is any skin inflammation. Moreover, CBD can have a soothing effect. It alleviates pain and makes a person feel fewer side effects from skin issues. However, it should be highlighted that the use of CBD, in this case, should be controlled by a specialist, and the use of CBD in the form of vapor might cause some harm or just no effect. The idea is that applying CBD directly to the problematic point might work well, whereas one cannot control its effects ‘inside’.

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