July 16, 2022

Everybody knows how bad plastic is for the environment. It is a significant contributor to the current pollution crisis. As per estimates, it is found that around 160 million tonnes of plastic waste are generated every year. And, waste like this ends up in the ocean or elsewhere, resulting in a lousy deal for marine life and oceans.


Fossil fuels make plastic, which pollutes the planet and causes climate change. The use of plastics continues to destroy our environment, destroy our ecosystems, and destroy the livelihood of millions of people.


There is a 1000-year life expectancy for a plastic bag to degrade. It’s time to change our habits with plastic, or we’ll be in trouble. A big brand, a government, and a supermarket have the power to make a difference,. But our small contributions can also make a substantial amount of difference.


So, Here are ten tips to help reduce the amount of plastic you use.


Tips on Reducing Plastics Consumption

There’s a much easier way to reduce plastic consumption than you think. Take a look at these tips to change your life and the world around you:

●     Use reusable water bottles.

It is estimated that almost one million plastic bottles are sold worldwide every minute. Using reusable water bottles is an excellent way to stay hydrated while not contributing to one of the world’s largest sources of single-use plastics.


●     Detergent refill stations.

Almost all household products (such as washing liquid or laundry liquid) can be refilled in plastic containers, but there are more places to refill them. The best way to do this is to use refillable cleaning products, which can minimize the use of plastic plus wastage at your home.

●     Don’t use plastic straws.

There’s no doubt that plastic straws are harmful to the environment. If you want a drink next time, do not ask for a straw. Rather than requesting them, say no if you will not use one. You may also ask your local pub to give up straws as part of their standard service. These products sometimes have viable alternatives.

●     Put an end to plastic bags.

Plastic bags rank among the most harmful single-use plastics to marine life. Those plastic bags will appear like jellyfish in the water, and turtles (and other sea life) will have difficulty identifying them from those bags.


Using a reusable bag or tote to the store is much more environmentally friendly than a disposable plastic bag. Alternatively, if you find it impossible to avoid plastic bags, collect them at home and use them as bin liners in the future.

●     Chewing gum recycle.

Currently, most chewing gum on the market is made of plastic. This is where it is best to ensure that you do not consume too much-chewing gum and if you do, you should put it in the recycling bin. You may also wish to choose organic and natural chewing gum.

●     Keep usage of food packaging products to a minimum.

Whether we use the same supermarket choices or shop at a different store, we can reduce the amount of plastic we consume. In addition, the price of loose fruit and vegetables is usually lower than that of pre-packaged items. Hence, this option is an excellent alternative to food packaging.


●     Let go of the clingfilm.

Disposable plastic lunch bags or clingfilm are always prevalent when storing food. If you want leftovers to remain fresh longer, invest in reusable food containers or nifty beeswax wraps instead of disposable plastic containers.


●     Check out “Zero Waste”.

If you want to buy without plastic,zero waste markets are a great option. A good bulk food store or zero-waste store isn’t always easy to find. You can usually get fresh produce at farmers’ markets without plastic. You’ll support local farmers and reduce carbon emissions from food transportation if you buy locally.


●     Consider avoiding smoking.

This tip is probably helpful for anyone who follows it. You should be more motivated to eliminate this habit if you’re worried about plastic pollution. It’s no secret that cigarette butts are often found on beach cleans because birds and sea life misinterpret them for food. Smoking cessation offers many benefits, including your wallet, health, and environment.



Changing a few things daily can drastically cut down on our plastic consumption. Whatever the case, these tips may prove helpful to some extent.

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