August 5, 2022

Jonas Enterprise is a straightforward, integrated solution with more than 25 years of experience in the construction and service management industries. The application delivers service, accounting, and operations project management capabilities to businesses of all sizes. McCormick Systems was founded in 1979, and the Apple II computer and a single user were among the first systems implemented. There are offices for marketing, development, accounting, shipping, and support in the main office. In addition, the McCormick System has a specialized learning centre for product education.

Continue reading to discover more about the two building softwares and to determine which one best meets your demands.

Jonas Construction Software

Jonas develops all-inclusive software for project and service management, and over a thousand organisations profit from their offerings. Jonas Enterprise Software is available in two separate editions, Service Management and Project Management, based on your requirements. Each edition can be further customised with over 40 modules that work flawlessly together to boost accuracy and efficiency by reducing duplicate data entry and efforts. In addition, each edition provides a single, 360-degree dashboard view that facilitates the monitoring of many key performance indicators (KPIs), such as billing, costing, labour, materials, committed costs, change orders, and purchase orders. You may browse these KPIs at a glance or go down to examine each item in further detail.

Key Features:

  1. Customizable Billing: Utilizing service billing or service contracts, you may complete the invoicing process with Jonas’s leading construction software. In addition, the contract module can be used to issue invoices for services or rentals and to track contract repair expenses.
  2. Security of Data: Thanks to a user-level management system that allows you to regulate what each user may do within the system; Jonas’s superior software is incredibly secure. Furthermore, the security features are complemented with audit trails that allow you to follow any anomalous entries.
  3. Integration: Jonas Enterprise has more than 40 modules developed in-house and easily linked with the remainder of the Jonas construction software system. Additionally, preventing duplicate data entry increases data precision and productivity.

Jonas Software Cost

The software’s website does not list its pricing information. However, consumers who wish to learn the price can easily contact the vendor for more information.

Jonas Software Demo

Jonas’s software offers a demo that can assist with real-world evaluation. The Jonas software demo enables in-depth analysis of the product and its features, allowing you to choose whether the software is worth purchasing.

Jonas Software Reviews

Customers have reviewed the software and left many positive remarks, for example: The program can be modified in many different ways. It is remarkable how frequently improvements and alterations are made in response to feedback from customers. Moreover, the best feature of Jonas enterprise is its user interface, which is incredibly user-friendly, particularly the admin dashboard. The invoicing administration is also incredibly convenient.

McCormick Estimating Software

McCormick Systems is a software application for electrical estimating. McCormick Software offers multiple layers of estimating, including labour and cost, as well as other methods for enhancing and improving building processes. Various takeoffs improve estimation flexibility and speed by allowing clients to rely on multiple assemblies simultaneously. In addition, the platform has an audit trail where users may monitor takeoffs by breakout and build customised bids. Additionally, users can utilise dot-and-spot drawings to add selections, amend extensions, view audit trails, and monitor work status. It can work independently or integrate with other modules. It contains around 25,000 prefabricated assemblies and 55,000 components.

Key Features:

  1. Customizable Templates: Make different project templates, then update them as needed and manage them. Choose distinctive formats to convey the significance of material things.
  2. Audit Trails: Using audit trails, one may follow the financial data of specific transactions all the way from the general ledger to the papers that relate to those transactions.
  3. Plumbing Estimate: You can develop immediate material lists and professional final bids with the help of quick and accurate estimates, PDF takeoffs, and design-builds that you can get from this service.
  4. Project Management: The software helps with project management as it allows users to maintain an awareness of the day-to-day activities taking place in projects. Managing and keeping specific points up to date can help speed up operations.

McCormick Estimating Software Cost

The software has not offered any pricing details on its website. This usually happens when the software offers more customizable packages. The vendor can be emailed or contacted to get more information regarding their costs.

McCormick Estimating Software Demo

A free demo option is available for Mccormick software which can help a user get more familiar with its features. A demo can be scheduled for free.

McCormick Estimating Software Reviews

In lieu of the reviews published online by users it can be said that the software has been rated quite highly for its adaptability, including the capacity to initiate and terminate assembly processes on the fly, ability to count fixtures, devices, and so on from the keyboard. As well as the capacity to produce extension reports according to specific requirements, multiple bid summaries, an unlimited amount of workspace buttons, the ability to transmit takeoff data directly into MS Project for scheduling, etc. simple adjustments to pricing, as well as compatibility with Microsoft Excel. All these qualities prove that the software is quite highly appreciated by its users.

Final Thoughts

Following an analysis of the functionalities shared by the two software’s, it is reasonable to draw the conclusion that Jonas caters to the needs of the electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing industries in addition to general contractors. Jonas works in conjunction with a wide variety of construction trades to produce innovative and integrated solutions. McCormick Estimating Software on the other hand, for contractors of all sizes and specialties, the McCormick program is an extremely helpful tool. This easy-to-learn application, which was designed by contractors for contractors, gives you the power to estimate jobs effectively and quickly while achieving consistently accurate results.


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