February 25, 2022

While it is perfectly acceptable to judge properties on the basis of their size, it is important to remember that the layout is everything. It is possible to feel more spacious in a smaller apartment with multiple mirrors and a positive layout than in a larger property covering a huge carpet area. It is important to be open-minded and evaluate each property independently. But judging a property by its square footage is not the only mistake renters make, there are hundreds of others. Here, we discuss some of these mistakes so that you can opt for a rental without doubts and apprehensions. Check out—

  • Looking for a property outside your budget

Whether you should take a 1 bhk or a 2 bhk in Hyderabad for rent is entirely your personal choice. But then cities like Hyderabad are developing fast, and hence, becoming expensive. So, the rule of thumb is to try to get the best and still be reasonable. Make sure you earn at least 2.5 times the monthly rent. There are two problems associated with searching for apartments outside your budget. The first is that your landlord might decline your request. Even if you get accepted for your application, it is possible to find yourself stuck in the months following moving in.

  • Forming a verbal deal

It is better to be safe than sorry. You can trust your landlord but you cannot skip signing a rental contract. It is impossible to prove a verbal contract and it could be a problem if the landlord is not faithful to his promises. Both of you can avoid any misunderstandings by having the contract in writing. It is a good idea to get a written record of any discussions you have with your landlord. You should also document any promises made by your landlord to you, such as a new refrigerator or a fix for a leaking tap.

  • Not reading the rental agreement thoroughly

It is possible to get in serious trouble by signing a rental agreement that you have not read. It is important to understand that the contract you sign before entering a rental property is much more important that signing a contract for a software that you have just bought. Although it’s acceptable to just click the “I accept” button without reading the entire document in the latter case, it’s highly inappropriate to do so with rental agreements. It is a mistake to sign a rental agreement without reading it in entirety. A lot could be at stake such as your security deposit, or the cost of your monthly rent when you don’t read your contract thoroughly.


  • Not asking for changes to the rental contract at the appropriate time

Supposing, you have gone through your rental agreement thoroughly. Next, you will need to take a simple but important step. Consider the following questions: Does each section of the contract make me feel satisfied? Do I agree to all terms and conditions in the contract? Do I have any suggestions?

Well, do not be afraid to speak out if you feel something is wrong in the contract. Remember that contracts should be mutually beneficial.

  • Not asking for the copies of documents

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to maintain your rental agreement. Although the first document can be used for reference regarding tenant’s rights or responsibilities, it is not the final proof of the property’s condition when you moved into it. Failure to retain the copies can make it difficult to recover your security deposit if there are any problems.

  • Not asking questions when something isn’t clear

Most landlords use standard rental agreements. There is a good possibility that certain issues regarding your future home will not be addressed in these documents. Before signing, make sure you understand everything. It is important to take your time and ask all the questions you might need about the rules and instructions. It might be necessary to determine who is responsible for maintaining the garden, as well as whether you have access to yard tools. In the beginning, if you do not clarify, you could be held responsible for any problems later.

  • Not sharing the contacts of your former landlords and employers

You don’t have the obligation to give information about your former landlords and employers. However, this will help you make a good impression on your future landlord. You are proving to your future landlord that you have nothing to hide. This is clearly a positive sign. So, when they ask for contact details of your past landlords and employers, don’t hesitate to give.

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid as a renter, there is no reason why you would be in trouble. And trust us, it doesn’t really matter whether you are taking a single bedroom rent in Hyderabad or a villa in Delhi, avoiding the above mistakes will ensure a smooth experience.

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