August 9, 2022

PayPal was founded in 1998 in San Jose, California. In 2002, the company was taken over by Ebay, which virtually marked the beginning of the e-money exchange’s road to success. Payment processing via PayPal is very simple. The allocation of the transfers takes place on the basis of the E-Mail address. Each customer must also open a virtual e-money account with the financial service provider. This account can be linked to one’s bank account or credit card. Sending money via PayPal is generally free of charge. However, fees are charged for receiving and for internal currency exchange.


PayPal has earned its special reputation with its unique buyer protection. Customers can, if there is a suspicion of fraud or the delivered goods do not correspond to the description, reclaim the payment amount with a few clicks. However, this feature has proven to be a trap for PayPal casinos in the past, as it was used illegally by users.


In 2015, the spin-off from Ebay took place. Since then, the financial group has stood on its own feet again. PayPal has almost 200 million customers worldwide. Payments are offered in 100 different currencies in over 200 countries.


The company’s shares are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The subsidiary in Luxembourg is responsible for European business and even has its own banking license. In the past few months, PayPal has expanded its complete offering to the banking sector. On the one hand, modules are offered that allow payments in stationary trade, on the other hand, PayPal now also grants business loans up to 24,999 euros.

The facts about PayPal casinos


  • PayPal left the casino market in October 2019 but in 2021 began gradually being offered again by verified casinos
  • Currently, there are not a large number of PayPal casino bonuses
  • A full return of the payment service provider is very likely soon
  • Bypassing PayPal through sports betting is possible
  • Online casino deposits still possible safely
  • MuchBetter is now considered the best alternative to PayPal
  • PayPal’s popularity is not waning after it was canceled at some casinos

The list of best PayPal casinos


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Betway Casino ●     Payouts within 24 hours

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888casino ●     PayPal available for bonuses

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The advantages of PayPal in online casinos

The most essential PayPal casino advantage is data security. Those who carried out their transfers via PayPal did not have to transmit any sensitive payment information to the gaming provider. The online casinos knew neither their bank details nor their credit card number. All deposits and withdrawals have been assigned based on the email address. Furthermore, we are not aware of any PayPal casino from the past that charged costs, i.e. fees, for the deposits. Anyone who has deposited 100 euros in the online casino via PayPal, could then plunge into the gaming fun with the full 100 euros. Of course, the speed also speaks for the e-wallet. All PayPal Casino deposits were available in real time.


Speaking of speed. The speed of PayPal processing also played a significant role in both payouts. If the winnings were released internally by the casino providers, you had these within seconds on your e-wallet account at your free disposal. However, it is true that PayPal casino payouts only took place if the e-wallet was used for a deposit at least once in advance. However, this specification is not a PayPal feature, but is credited in an identical manner for all casino transfer methods.

The disadvantages of PayPal in online casinos

No, we do not want to indulge in nostalgia. Even in the past, not all that glitters was gold in PayPal casinos. There have definitely been minor details that can be seen as disadvantageous. The design of the deposit and withdrawal limits was quite restrictive. The majority of online casinos accepted or executed PayPal transfers up to a maximum of about 7,000 euros. Thus, PayPal was never a real high-roller payment method.


Another point that spoke somewhat against PayPal is the internal fee structure. Sending money with the Americans was always free of charge, but receiving money was not. This means – if you received your winnings, you often had to pay 1.9 percent + €0.35 flat rate to PayPal. The payout amount was considered reduced. The costs were only taken separately by some PayPal online casinos in our experience. Not really cheap is also the recharging of the account.


Those who shovel funds onto the e-account with their credit card at PayPal are also asked to pay. The same applies to bank transfers. In addition, there are further fees for currency exchange and other services. Meanwhile, the withdrawal from the PayPal account to the house bank is free of charge, but from the player’s point of view still a small practical disadvantage. The casino payout is seen within a few seconds at PayPal, but this is still far from cash in their hands. A second transfer path follows.


Let’s look at some alternative methods of payment in online casinos.

Credit cards always work: Or do they?

Naturally, credit cards can also be seen as a PayPal casino alternative. Almost everyone is in possession of the plastic money. Payments via card have also established themselves online.


In practice, however, it is now unfortunately a bit more complicated. The provider Visa has followed the path of PayPal. Visa cards have been blocked by numerous gaming providers. So anyone who currently wants to make a card deposit in the online casino must switch to MasterCard. Other credit card companies such as Diners Club and American Express can be virtually neglected in the PayPal casino test due to the low acceptance.


However, we must not forget one thing at this point. In the MasterCard settlement system, the bank Maestro and the giro cards of the credit institutions are integrated in this country. You can also use the simple bank cards quite easily for their deposit with the gaming provider, provided the necessary coverage in the background.

Prepaid methods: the small PayPal alternative

You have always deposited with PayPal in the online casino so far, but always only very small amounts? You do not count yourself among the high rollers? Then there’s another alternative – the prepaid methods. At this point, the PaySafeCard and CashToCode are to be mentioned. The two deposit methods work in opposite ways. With PaySafeCard, you first buy a code, which is then entered at the cashier of the casino. With CashToCode, meanwhile, you first generate a QR code, which is then to be paid for (within a few hours) at stationary retailers.

Review: PayPal Casinos

At this point, we would like to take another look back. Why were the PayPal casinos so important? Quite simply: PayPal is secure and reputable. Due to the strict, internal rules, the payment method was also an unmistakable seal of quality for the gaming provider.


PayPal once earned its special reputation with the buyer protection on Ebay, which was subsequently extended to the entire online trade. The security function has never played a role in the gaming sector, but has nevertheless ensured a leap of faith.


By the way, the statistics say that there are over 18 million PayPal accounts only in Germany. This figure alone shows that there is a huge, directly addressable customer potential for online casinos with PayPal in the world.

PayPal Online Casinos: The market leaders

Since, as explained in detail, there are few online PayPal casinos left, we want to give you very good gaming alternatives that are on the way at the moment.

Volcano Vegas Casino

The gaming provider can be found at the top of the online casino comparison. Vulkan Vegas has taken an impressive development since 2016. In our experience, the small-scale, profitable loyalty program, the daily additional win chance on the wheel of fortune, the cool tournament forms and, of course, the extensive range of games themselves are outstanding. Those who decide to play at Vulkan Vegas Casino can choose between several bonus variants at the start.

PlayAmo Casino

A top recommendation as an alternative to a PayPal casino is PlayAmo. At the gaming provider, you have well over 3,500 games in all relevant game categories to choose from. PlayAmo Casino works with almost all known providers on the market. To get started, you will receive 150 free spins and two match bonuses up to a maximum of 300 euros as a starting gift.

FAQs – frequently asked questions about PayPal online casinos

In our question and answer section, we have again compiled the most important key facts about the PayPal casino and the alternatives in short form.

Why are there so few casinos with PayPal these days?

PayPal operates exclusively in regulated markets. The company attaches great importance to its own legal security. Since any legal basis for casino providers was temporarily lost after the expiration of their licenses, the financial services provider has made withdrawals from many casinos.

Can I make a sports betting deposit and transfer it to the casino?

You will still find PayPal in some, few online casinos, but with a clear indication – the deposited funds may only be used in the affiliated sports betting areas. The thought process is obvious. I deposit on the bookmaker side and then transfer the capital to the online casino. In the first weeks after the PayPal casino withdrawal, this way actually worked for a short time. In the meantime, however, the online providers have adjusted their internal software modules and security checks and built in a block. You will only be able to move PayPal sports betting deposits toward casinos at certain casinos that have not already applied the blocking.

Can players in other countries use PayPal as a deposit method?

Yes. Those who reside in Austria, for example, can still make their casino deposits with PayPal without any problems. PayPal casino deposits also work smoothly in the Scandinavian region as well as in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The e-wallet provider has not terminated its complete cooperation with the gaming providers, but merely installed a block for several countries.

Are the alternative payment methods considered safe?

Yes, without any compromises. PayPal no longer has a unique status in terms of online payment security. Other financial service providers also operate in a secure, reputable environment. Those who want to complete their deposits at the gaming provider do not have to worry about anything in terms of payment transactions. The best providers in the online casino comparison can even come up with additional test seals from PCI for transaction security.

Will PayPal fully return to the online casino market in the future?

This question can only be answered speculatively at the moment. There is no official statement to that effect from PayPal or online casinos. However, looking into the future, we are sure that gaming providers with PayPal will become plentiful again. The first changes in this regard have already been made immediately after the final entry into force of the new gambling treaty.

My PayPal casino deposit is rejected, what could be the reason for this?

Do you have a PayPal account with a balance? Does the online casino support the e-wallet? The deposit is still rejected? This is quite possible. The crucial question at this point is how your PayPal account balance came about. If you have achieved this, for example, through sales on Ebay, the casino provider can reject the deposit. The money is then considered as capital from a third person, the consequence – a deposit is prohibited.


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