September 10, 2022

When married, you must update your marital status on several legal papers, such as your passport, social security card, and others. But you can only accomplish this if you have a marriage certificate, the only recognized form of legal evidence of matrimony. Marriage is often a thrilling event. You and your spouse will be together for the rest of your life, and you’re probably drowning in celebrations to welcome this new chapter. Your marriage must be acknowledged legally, however, which is equally crucial. While a wedding’s ceremony and reception are its most enduring elements, the marriage license must be signed if you want it to be recognized as valid. The two of you are legally bound by this agreement, which is essential if you opt to change your name.


A marriage certificate, an official document issued by the relevant government agency, attests to the union of two persons. This certificate serves as evidence that the marriage really happened and that you two are now legally married. After a valid marriage, the certificate needs to be issued automatically.

When one’s spouse, who is not a national, has to apply for residence in that nation, for example, it can be necessary for several reasons.

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A marriage license is a legal document that authorizes your union, whilst a marriage certificate serves as proof of your marriage. However, a marriage license and certificate could not be distinct legal papers. Depending on your state, the same document may be known as a marriage license before marriage and a marriage certificate after the government official has signed, acknowledged and certified it.

In most places, getting married is a straightforward procedure. Typically, there are three main processes you must follow:

  • Seek a marriage license and get one
  • A civil or religious event, also referred to as “solemnization” under state statutes,
  • Together with the person who officiated the wedding (the “officiant”) and, if necessary, one or two witnesses, sign the marriage license or certificate.

The officiant is often responsible for submitting the signed paperwork to the same government agency where you obtained the marriage license within a specific timeframe (more on that below) so that your marriage is appropriately documented. A certified copy of your marriage certificate will subsequently be sent to you.

Details on the Marriage Certificate

The following information must be on the marriage certificate:

  1. Names of the bride and the groom
  2. Age and marital status of both partners
  3. Date of Marriage
  4. Place of the Wedding
  5. Addresses of both parties
  6. Names of the witnesses involved
  7. Name of the person who performed the marriage ceremony
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The legality of your marriage in your home country must be confirmed in Dubai with the aid of a marriage certificate attestation. Couples are not permitted to live together legally without being married. Thus having a legal and legitimate marriage certificate is crucial. Therefore, your marriage certificate must be certified by the relevant authorities in both the issuing nation and the country where you want to use it before you may reside with your spouse.


To register your marriage in Dubai, you must meet a few minimal conditions, regardless of your faith or local citizenship status.

  1. The bride’s approval
  2. Residential ID for the Couple
  3. The birth certificate of the Couple as evidence of their legal age
  4. Passports
  5. Both the bride and the groom’s visa status.
  6. A resident visa for the UAE is required for at least one individual.
  7. A premarital test result was positive from a facility that the UAE has authorized.

Registration of marriages in Dubai

Registration for marriage in Dubai is a rigorous procedure. The registration procedure is simple if the Couple has Emirates citizenship. Muslims may also legally register their weddings in court. The government left the same choice available for visitors and couples on visiting visas. Following are the fundamental guidelines:

  • The Couple must have to be of legal age.
  • Both copies of the Couple’s birth certificates and passports must be submitted.
  • The other laws differ according to what the embassy requires.
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How can Marriage Lawyers at Dubai Court marriage assist you in obtaining a marriage Certificate in the UAE?

Marriage lawyers at Dubai court marriage can guarantee that all the processing and attestation of your marriage certificate may be accelerated simply thanks to our extensive expertise in handling and managing all embassy attestations. Typically, the attestation procedure takes 3-5 days. Experts worked so hard to finish it as soon as we could for you. Get in touch with experts immediately, and one of skilled marriage lawyers will assist you in completing all the tasks associated with submitting an application for a marriage certificate and having the marriage certificates attested.

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