June 15, 2022

A stand mixer is a popular kitchen tool that is used to combine and stir ingredients, such as batters or dough. A good stand mixer should efficiently finish all the tasks. Some features that are popular with consumers include a digital timer, a dough hook, and a food processor bowl. It is important for the user to know that some machines have additional accessories.

Tips to buy a stand mixer

  1. Versatility

This is an important point in order to choose the right stand mixer. The machine should be able to make good use of dough and batter, which are used in baking many kinds of food items. In addition, the kitchen tool can also be used for beating eggs and whipping cream.

  1. Capacity

A powerful stand mixer should be able to handle heavy tasks without jamming or burning out the motor. It will come as no surprise that the capacity is directly connected with the price and power of the mixer. A low-capacity unit will cost less than a high-capacity one, but the former may not be powerful enough to make cookie dough from scratch or knead heavy bread dough when compared with a large one.

  1. Speed control

Some models can be controlled by the dial, but for those that are operated with automatic settings, the speed must be high enough to handle heavy tasks. A mixing speed of at least 325 revolutions per minute (rpm) is usually recommended in most cases. In some brands, the motor can also be changed to make various tasks, such as creaming and whipping flow smoothly.

  1. Mixing bowls and accessories

A stand mixer comes with a bowl that has two purposes: to hold ingredients and a tight space to allow the machine’s maximum capacity of motion. The bowl height should not exceed 11 inches; otherwise, mixers will not be able to operate properly or efficiently.

  1. Efficiency and speed

Mixing, stirring, whipping and kneading are among the most common tasks that a stand mixer performs. The speed of the machine must be good enough to handle these tasks. It is necessary that the machine will not jam or burn out when dealing with highly viscous materials like thick cookie doughs or bread doughs. Some machines only have one speed, while others may have two or more different speeds to handle specific purposes.

  1. Price

An expensive stand mixer will not necessarily perform better than a less expensive one. It is important to look at the features that are included in the machine. Those with powerful motors and large capacities tend to be more expensive than others, but this is not always true.

  1. Ease of operation and maintenance

A good stand mixer should be easy to use and operate properly. Usually, instructions for cleaning and maintenance are given in the manual for each model, which may vary from one brand to another. The kitchen tool should be able to handle constant use without jamming or mechanical damage caused by overuse or failure to clean properly after each use.

In conclusion, consumers should always go for features, quality and price when they are looking for a good stand mixer. It is important that the kitchen tool will be able to last at least five years, which means it will likely have to work hard in the first few months of purchase.

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