September 14, 2022

Opinion Leaders that Shape Recruitment Community

While working, how often do recruiters find that a candidate has overestimated his or her skills and capabilities? And how often do recruiters themselves have to realize that they are falling behind the industry?

Recruiters need to assess themselves and their skills in real-time. Just because someone thought they were great a couple of years ago doesn’t mean they still are. Young people are growing up very fast, and they’re learning just as fast. Life is changing; technology is changing. The once successful recruiter, or any other professional, can fall behind the context of reality.

You have to accept that if you were cool ten years ago, now you’re either hovering at the same level or keeping up with the times because you don’t stop learning and developing within your field.

However, the modern recruiter doesn’t study at a university. Instead, they follow trends and pump up their skills with the help of opinion leaders in their industry. So today, we look at the most advanced recruitment thought leaders you must follow.

Laurie Ruettimann

This woman is a highly regarded career counselor. She used to work as a Human Resources leader but has now evolved into a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur. Her expertise is recognized by such global media as The New Yorker, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, etc. She tries to create solutions based only on real-world experience in her blog. For many aspiring recruiters and HR professionals, she is something of an industry guru. Reading her is a must for growing in the industry.

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Meghan M. Biro

Megan frequently contributes to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and the Huffington Post on recruiting, HR, talent acquisition, and talent management. With a background in Microsoft and Google, Megan has created her own company, TalentCulture, and is a global expert in social recruiting. On Twitter, LinkedIn, and her blog on TalentCulture, this influential woman talks about the use of AI in recruiting and HR, robotics and process automation, and generally about the newest technologies that one can apply to the industry.

Stacey Donavan Zapar

Stacey is a consultant to the Fortune 500, a global rating of the world’s largest companies by revenue. One of the reasons for the success of these companies is proper recruiting and the companies’ aligned personnel policies. She actively maintains social media profiles and provides consulting services through her project.

Suzanne Lucas

She is another extremely fascinating opinion leader in the recruiting and human resources community. She runs her blog called Evil HR Lady, where she gives efficient and sometimes prickly advice on becoming the most productive recruiter for your company or a client’s company. In addition, Suzanne actively posts and talks about current trends and issues in the industry from a recruiter’s and an employee’s perspectives. If you want to know the highlights of recent days and discuss professional joys and pains, then her blog is a must-read.

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Gero Hesse

He is a significant player in the recruitment industry in Germany. He considers it his mission to create a better work environment for everyone. He communicates his ideas by highlighting the importance of using modern technology in a company’s field of Human Relations. He also believes that thought leaders can really change the industry. A great team leader in business can be a decisive factor in the development and prosperity of a company. That’s why learning and keeping up with trends and innovations is so essential.

Tim Sacket

Tim Sackett is not just an opinion leader in the recruiting environment; he is the author of published books that help aspiring professionals worldwide and have also been translated into many languages. The author tells how you can quickly recruit the right number of top-notch employees, effectively distribute responsibility among HR departments, use innovation to recruit, update outdated work patterns on time, and consider the human factor. Throughout his career, he has earned a master’s degree in human resources management, became internationally certified by SHRM-SCP, and is vice president of HRU Technical Resources, a human resources company.

Craig Fisher

For those who don’t like reading blogs, there are opinion leaders who run their own YouTube channels. One of them is Craig Fisher. He is an expert in creating brand management strategies and recruiting and helps with marketing and sales strategies. In addition, Craig talks about how to use technology but still remain human in the industry and what skills you need to pump up.

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Jessica Miller-Merrel

Jess is the founder and CEO of Workology. Her website has been featured several times on Forbes’ lists of top career resources, and she is a Forbes top 50 social media power user and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. She covers the news, helps stay on trend, and talks about technology in the HR field. She is also an instructor at Udemy. Jessica is considered one of the most respected speakers in social recruiting – she has been featured more often than most of her colleagues in Fast Company, Forbes, The Economist, etc.

Kathryn Minshew

The founder of The Muse resource knows nearly everything about finding a job and even more about finding a company that can be a second home. First, she worked at McKinsey as a management consultant, and then she went to Rwanda and Malawi to introduce vaccinations as part of the Clinton Health Access Initiative. Also, in 2017, her book, The New Rules of Work, came out and became a Wall Street bestseller. Overall, The Muse is a huge and exciting resource for and about companies, jobs, content, and even the opportunity to find coaching. In addition, Kathryn is listed as one of the 15 most influential figures in the tech world by Inc.

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