August 2, 2022

The pandemic has compelled businesses to switch to online stores. However, creating an online store that comprises all touch points involved in a customer’s purchase journey can be challenging and expensive.

An eCommerce marketing
platform comprises different elements such as:

  • The scale of your store
  • The price factor
  • Estimated traffic that you expect
  • The inventory process you adopt

If you are clueless about these, then you may spend thousands of dollars in eCommerce development but in vain. This is why it is important to approach a reliable eCommerce development company that can assist you throughout the eCommerce development process.

A good eCommerce website development company is well-acquainted with the latest business features. Moreover, they know how to incorporate them within a stipulated budget.

Experienced eCommerce website development can build a website that offers a striking digital presence and converts your potential audience into actual customers. They avoid using standard templates and provide customized eCommerce development services to your business.

An eCommerce website development company knows the right approach to reach and interact with your audience and enhance your brand image.

This article discusses different platforms, estimated costs, and their features to narrow down your decision-making process:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce


Magento is a popular eCommerce platform, but its cost is based on the type and number of features you select for it. A few development-related costs required for your Magento eCommerce website development and design are shared below.

Functionality and Programming Cost

Magento allows you to create an eCommerce platform for design, color, size, and other advanced eCommerce tools. eCommerce development professionals can use these advanced tools to develop an eCommerce store that simplifies your business hassles.

Professionals ensure that your store is well-connected with the eCommerce system so that you acquire real-time updates.

For instance, the eCommerce system keeps you updated with all orders, deliverables, and deadlines.

Further, you have to consider hosting prices ranging from $10 – $250 per month, while in case the user prefers to use a dedicated server, this cost may increase up to $500.

Besides, Magento offers you an add-on B2B functionality where you can promote your services to other businesses, dealers, and brokers. As a result, your dealers and brokers have the leverage to sell multiple products and services through your store.


The cost of a Magento eCommerce website varies from $1,500 to $1,00,000. Often, eCommerce brands prefer a customized and paid design for their websites. This cost of purchasing the design theme is included in Magento’s development cost.

On the contrary, if you use a free design, your developers will invest a couple of hours customizing it per your business goals. This has a direct impact on the overall development cost.

Marketing Cost

As per the U.S. Small Business Administration, 7%-8% of your business income should be dedicated to marketing. eCommerce website development services offer comprehensive and affordable marketing packages.


Shopify website costs are based on the plan you choose to offer your shoppers seamless and all-inclusive online transactions.

Functionality and Programming Cost

Shopify’s ideal eCommerce hosting plan begins at $29 per month, and the premium costs $299.

Shopify offers you the leverage to add multiple product category pages that improves your customer search experience. Unfortunately, you may have to switch to an expensive plan to enable this functionality.

Simultaneously, linking an eCommerce platform with your Shopify store can be slightly expensive. With each customization, you have to pay higher costs.


An estimated Shopify eCommerce store cost ranges from $500, but this varies based on the elements and features included on your website. You can invest in a regular Shopify website and customize it with the required details but have to bear the additional customization costs.

Marketing Cost

Shopify offers an exceptional built-in DIY marketing tool on its platform. This tool allows you to add products and auto-connect with Google’s Shopping Database. In addition, it provides a Google Merchant Center where you can add new products as your inventory increases.

This database and merchant center makes it convenient for you to review products via Google search. This ideal eCommerce business solution is helpful, but you can always hire a digital marketing expert to handle your marketing activities.


This open-source eCommerce plugin can be integrated with WordPress. Plugins, development hosting, and several other factors determine the cost of a WooCommerce website.

Functionality and Programming

WooCommerce is a no-cost solution with endless third-party extensions. However, although these extensions are free, other one-time and monthly costs are involved in its programming.

Different communication features may cost up to $328 annually, while others are free. A few SEO services are free, while others cost around $89 yearly. Similarly, when it comes to website security, you can opt for a free version while a paid package costs somewhere around $328 annually.


A customized WordPress website development services can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. This cost can fluctuate based on whether you have a capable in-house team or want to hire a skilled eCommerce website development company.

WooCommerce provides multiple extensions and add-ons accessible on WordPress. Most of them are available for free, and the rest at an affordable cost. These plugins make it convenient for you to set up the eCommerce store and run it efficiently.

Marketing Cost

The WooCommerce eCommerce platform is a smart way to sell products and services, but it still needs a concrete marketing plan. eCommerce website development companies can assist you with their technical and digital expertise to design and build an impeccable website.

They can further guide you with SEO, content, and other digital marketing services. The cost for these services can be charged on an hourly or monthly basis and the services you want.


Apart from these, several other minor costs are involved in eCommerce website development. These costs may come into the picture once you have begun the development process. Hence, it is recommended to hire a reliable and experienced magento partner who can assist you throughout the development process.


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