August 1, 2022

For punters in the western world, gambling in casinos is a major pastime and entertainment. But in certain countries, this recreational activity is ostracised. Japan, a city prevalent in many activities, is one of these countries that prohibits this sort of gambling. Nevertheless, Japanese law allows its population to participate in certain forms of gambling. Hence, when gamblers mention the best online casino Japan, certain details come to mind. However, there is a tendency that you overlook some minute details. We will discuss some of them below, so read on and enjoy!

Gambling Halls Instead of Land-based Casinos

Since the Japanese gambling laws prevent the erection of physical casino structures, it is impossible to find casinos in Japan. The closest thing to casinos you would come across in this country are gambling halls. While gambling at physical casinos is illegal in Japan, bettors are allowed to play interesting games while winning prizes in gambling halls.

These gambling halls are furnished with machines very similar to classic slot machines called Pachinko. However, in recent times, Japanese laws are becoming more lenient towards the gambling industry. Therefore, it seems like land-based casinos might become the norm in the foreseeable future. Until then, however, Japanese players are restricted to gambling halls.

Online Gambling

Although gaming at casinos, both online and offline, is forbidden in this country, some online casinos offer their services to Japanese citizens. They go as far as sidestepping the language barrier while accepting Yen as a form of payment. Through these online betting platforms, gamblers from Japan can now enjoy some mouth-watering welcome bonuses and promotions.

Moreover, since this form of betting is not legal, the citizens enjoy tax-free winnings, i.e. no tax is paid on any cash prize they win.


Takarakuji, the Japanese form of lottery, is another gambling activity that is sanctioned by the government and several government-endorsed stalls sell lottery tickets. In Japan, lotteries come in 3 categories and they include scratch cards, unique numbers, and selected number lotteries. The one with the highest cash prize is the unique number lottery.

However, the main issue with Japanese lotteries is that the winner only takes half of his winnings while the government and other NGOs take the remainder. As a result of this, it is no wonder that fewer people are buying lottery tickets in Japan today.

Sports Betting

One more not-so-minor detail about Japanese gambling laws is that although public sports betting is allowed, not all sports are accepted. The only sports the citizens can bet on are:

  • Horse Racing
  • Motorcycle Racing
  • Bicycle Racing
  • Soccer
  • Powerboat Racing

One may think that sports like these would have less traffic but that is untrue. Since they are the only sports events available, they enjoy a vast fandom. Among these five events, the most popular is horse racing as it attracts the highest number of bettors. However, the Japanese government has certain limitations in place to regulate the popularity of this sport so as to minimise problem gambling.


Pachinko is more or less a cross between slot machines and pinball. In this game, players stake certain amounts of money and then receive a particular number of balls. They then try to throw these balls around the machine to hit the jackpot and gain more balls.

As you win more balls, you can decide to trade them for cash prizes or special tokens. Pachinko games are very popular among bettors in Japan and the 9000+ pachinko parlours are testament to this fact. If you ever decide to visit a Japanese Pachinko parlour, note that it is a game that requires a little bit of skill and plenty of luck.

Wrap Up

We know some of these aforementioned details may sound strange, but they make Japan so unique in the gambling world. Additionally, while new laws are being put in place to abolish the old ones, the Japanese government still has lots to do before the country becomes a major gambling hub globally. However, let’s see what the future holds for this lively country. Overall, there is still hope for the gambling industry in Japan to become the largest in Asia.

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