May 21, 2022

Like other software, bitcoin prime is also automated software that helps investors and makes it easy for bitcoin. Bitcoin Prime is more reliable and comfortable for all types of investors including beginners and professionals. Cryptocurrency makers believe that automated cryptocurrency software such as Bitcoin Prime is more comfortable. Investors can invest easily and earn a lot of money.

It is a self-working robot that trades on your behalf automatically. The winning rate is 99% and you just need to invest a small amount from your side and this sophisticated robot will automatically make your trade-in the best. There require only 2% commission on profitable accounts and the other 98% is yours. Whenever it finds proper space it starts trading automatically and provides you a proper edge.

Mobile App No
Minimum Deposit 250$
Demo Account Available
Withdrawal Fees Per month up to 10 free
Withdrawal Time Any Time
Profit 98%
Commission Just 2% on profitable accounts
Crypto Supported CFDs 75 BTC CFD pairs


Genuity of Bitcoin Prime

Bitcoin Prime works by targeting prices in 14 different cryptocurrencies:  Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite coin, Bitcoin Gold, ZCash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Binance Coin, Cardano, IOTA, NEO, and Ripple. Bitcoin Prime’s success depends on its Algorithm. It never reveals the details of its algorithm. The algorithm is capable of finding proper price patterns and techniques tasting all over the world in trading.

You just need to invest firstly a minimum amount of 250$ on your own behalf. Easy account activation with a demo account, no fees, it only requires just 2% commission on profitable accounts, no transaction issues 24/7 and you wouldn’t pay any extra amount on any withdrawal at a high win rate.

How does Bitcoin Prime work?

It works as an automatic running robot that activates when it finds proper space in trading. No long and tough process is required for its activation. Investors do not need to follow any technique for trading. They just need to predict price or investments and then the whole trading is done by it.

1 Registration:

Beginners or investors do not need to go through any tough process. Simply log in by clicking the link given on their official site  The system will ask only two things:

  • User’s Identity
  • User’s Contact No.

2 Investment:

You just have to make the first investment of 250$ to start your trading. No large investment or fees are required. Only 2% commission is required by Bitcoin Prime on profitable accounts. Investments can be done through:

  • Master Card
  • Visa Card
  • Maestro
  • Bank Transfers

No withdrawal fees. 24/7 transactions are available. Up to 10 withdrawals are free per calendar month.

3 Optimize Bitcoin Prime:

Now your Bitcoin Prime account is ready for demo trading. This wonderful opportunity is set to learn how it works and how investments are done. It would take a maximum of 25-30 minutes to optimize the software for beginners. You learn how this sophisticated algorithm spots the proper space to target trading in a well-managed way.

4 Live Trading:

After demo trading, your live trading is activated. Now Bitcoin Prime will deliver orders to your brokerage according to the invested amount in your account. But remember there is a risk of loss because Bitcoin Prime’s claims are not verified. So, the first investment is set at a lower level, when you invest a lower amount the risk of loss decreases and there is a greater chance of profit. At present when there are numerous ways of earning online how could one think of manual trading. This automated tool makes your investments on its own with robots.

This is how all this software works; there is no other hidden trick or anything. Everything happens in front of the eyes of our users. This user-friendly software is basically for beginners to provide those help and heavy earning in days. There could be no compromise on profit; this very software gives surety of 90% profit.

Is bitcoin prime only for beginners?

This is the most asked question; people are confused as the team says that this software is more helpful for beginners. But not only for beginners, but this is also trickier for the experts and the ones who are in this field for time. When you have several accounts to manage or you have to make numerous investments per day then it’s hard for anyone to give so much time. Our bitcoin code software has made it easier to manage many transactions at the same time with a promised profit. There are chances of great profit investing through bitcoin code. Because when you invest on your own there is a risk of loss or we can say higher risk but it’s not the same for bitcoin code. You always get profit in higher amount.

Concluding the whole idea, bitcoin code is the best software for those who want to invest money in bitcoin. Those who want to earn profit from it at a higher rate. Those who want to do some side job while investing in bitcoin. So this very automated software saves your money, and your time and decreases your stress level as well.

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