April 7, 2022

Reasons for envy can be very different: envy of health, youth, family. People can envy even dreams and hobbies. According to various studies, the most common cause of envy is envy of money.


There is a paradox: A rich friend begins to envy a poor friend when he begins to get rich. It would seem that the first one has everything, but he is not ready to see how the poor friend begins to earn more and buys the same clothes, car and apartment. Envy does not always mean that you want to have what other people have.


What is the reason for envy in the above example? The answer is simple: a rich person loses his sense of exclusivity, of superiority. He may even envy the way his friend gets rich because in his opinion it is easier for his friend to get money.

Black and White Envy

Envy often manifests itself in friendly jokes, banter and criticism. It’s especially evident on the Internet. It’s also expressed in boredom and reluctance to know about other people’s victories, travels, achievements.


It’s believed that there is white and black envy. White envy is usually understood as joy for the success of another person. However, if you dig deeper and admit to yourself honestly, how much of this feeling of sincere joy for someone else’s success, but how much – still envy?


With black envy, it’s simple. Such a feeling is poisonous, and at its core is the desire to take someone else’s success for yourself or the desire to see a person fail. Black envy is a feeling of resentment and injustice: why do some people get everything and I get nothing?

What to Do With Your Envy

As noted, envy of money is the most common form of envy, but it can also be worked with. For example, if a friend earns more or has won while gambling at a Canada live casino, it’s a good incentive to get a promotion, to change the company, position or field of activity.


Envy of beauty and health should be an incentive to act. Take up sports, watch your diet, deal with the basics of a healthy lifestyle – everything is within your power.

People Who Aren’t Envious

Many people consider themselves unenvious. Psychologists say that everyone envies absolutely all people, just some people do not hear themselves or do not admit that they are jealous.


It also happens that a person simply does not have people around whom he can envy, and thinks that this feeling isn’t about him. However, when some circumstances in life change, he or she may suddenly find a strong sense of envy in himself or herself.

Envy Must Be Fought

Another misconception is that envy is a bad feeling, and it’s necessary to fight it. However, according to psychologists, envy is just a feeling, and it is not necessary to evaluate it.


A destructive way to react is to start poisoning yourself or spreading gossip. A destructive reaction occurs when a person is not sure they are worthy of a better life. Admitting that you’re not worthy or can’t do something is unpleasant, so the focus shifts from yourself to other people.


Envy is a strong feeling, and therefore your own envy can be used as a resource. A constructive approach is to accept envy as a challenge, a motive to achieve your own goals.

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