July 19, 2022

At this time, the online casino sector in Malaysia is thriving and the amount of persons who participate in it is growing rapidly. Gamblers no longer have to go to a physical casino to make their wagers, thanks to the availability of online casinos and gambling firms.  With this tendency, gaming has become easier and more effective. Just because this trend had resulted in a decrease in face-to-face interaction between gamblers and casino owners, there is a need to guarantee that the demands of online casinos are properly addressed.

As an online casino agent or affiliate, they are responsible for this. Being an online casino agent Malaysia, you do not need a college degree, but you will have to execute specific job duties. It’s possible to make money as an online casino agent if you’re willing to put in the effort. We also cover how to be an online casino agent in this article.


How Do Agents or Affiliates Work?

While browsing for online casinos, you may have seen websites that seem like casinos but don’t really offer any games. It is possible to generate money by advertising online casinos to those who have never played before. Agents or affiliates act as a go-between for customers and casinos in the form of a third party. However, it isn’t a phrase that is just used in online casinos. In fact, e-commerce was the first sector to use it. However, the foundations remain the same, irrespective of the software used. An affiliate is indeed a person or corporation that promotes a certain website, brand, or company by promoting it on its own.

In a nutshell, each affiliate acts as a tiny, independently marketer representative of those firms, and each time the new consumer is brought to the products or services on sale, the agent gets paid a commission. Some of those who promote online casinos, in general, are worth examining in more detail. It is possible for an affiliate to be a single person with a casino blog, or perhaps an entire marketing firm.

Each one of these programmes accomplishes the same goal: introducing new customers to the casinos they work with. A unique URL link is provided to each affiliate for use on their website. Using these URLs, online traffic may be tracked. Casinos may share the marketing load with a large number of affiliates, therefore reaching a larger number of players.


How Do Affiliates Get Paid?

Operators prefer two payment mechanisms whenever it comes to accepting payments. It’s called revenue sharing in the first place. It is common for agents to get paid on a monthly basis as a proportion of the revenues created by the traffic they generate. When it comes to paying, more traffic means more money. The second approach is referred to as CPA, or cost per acquisition. This would be based on the number of people who execute a certain activity as a result of the affiliate’s marketing efforts. It’s either setting up for just a casino account as well as placing the first deposit when it comes to online casinos.

A variety of payment options are available to agents or affiliates at certain casinos, while others only have one or two to choose from. Some affiliate programmes established by casinos have particular limits that might be detrimental to the affiliate or incompatible with the type of marketing that an affiliate undertakes. Players and affiliates must read the terms connected with joining the casino affiliate programme very carefully to avoid issues like bundling schemes as well as negative carryover, which may result in a lesser payout at the end of each month. Such as casinos, not all affiliate programmes are right for everyone.


To be a Malaysian agent, what are the procedures?

A large number of gambling venues have Online Casino Agent programmes. A large number of companies in the online gambling sector are actively seeking affiliates in order to expand their potential customer base. A brand’s affiliate programme website is the first place to start. If you click on a link in the casino’s footer, you’ll be sent to a page with all the information you’ll need to get started as an agent.

Getting started as an online casino agent is free, but you should bear in mind that this is only the beginning of your journey. There are a few things you’ll need to do after receiving your unique affiliate link: Inexperienced affiliates typically start out just as casino bloggers since blogs are so popular.

All kinds of online material may include affiliate links, such as banners, pop-ups, text links, and so forth. When you’re starting out, think about who your audience is and what form of content they like the most. Being a great affiliate requires an awareness of the fundamentals of a great website, the role of various types of material, and the ability to bring those together into an attractive online resource for both readers and prospective players.


Top 5 Gambling Agent Malaysia

Below are some of the top Malaysia Affiliate programs you may consider joining. Each of them is able to bring huge profits to your pocket in a short time.

#1. Mega888 Agent / Kiss918 Agent

You may now join the most trustworthy team and manage your own casino company to potentially make a large amount of money by following our strategy, which is currently available. You may become a Mega888/ Kiss918 Agent for as little as RM180 by purchasing gaming points from them. In Southeast Asia, Mega888/ Kiss918 is the most popular casino gambling platform. Because of widespread recognition as the most widely used and most trustworthy casino platform provider, this is an easy product to advertise.

#2. BK8 Affiliates

Do you want to become a successful online casino affiliate in Malaysia and make a lot of money promoting online casinos that welcome players from Malaysia? You have discovered it! It does not cost you anything to become a member of the affiliate network run by BK8 Affiliates and to sell their products to the people who visit your website. To become a member of their affiliate programme all that is required of you is to bring in new players, and you will get a commission of around 40%.

#3. 1xPartners Agents

It is possible to make a lot of money from your blog or website by joining the 1xPartners affiliate network. If you have a website, you may earn a commission per each player you introduce to their casino brands. The only thing you need to do to become an affiliate is to sign up and complete the necessary information. Approval of accounts takes two business days. Following approval, an affiliate ID will be sent to you. All players who entered the casino via your affiliate link will have their IDs tracked using this ID.

#4. King Billy Agents

King Billy Affiliates is open to working with casinos that adhere to any and all meanings of the term “affiliate.” The management of the affiliate programme is always accessible and delighted to provide a hand to anybody who needs it. Affiliate marketing in the gaming industry is a powerful weapon in their business arsenal, and they are quite knowledgeable about how to utilize it effectively. Gamers from Malaysia will discover that it is one of the best affiliate programmes that casinos have to offer.

#5. 22Bet Agents

You may earn money from your website visitors by promoting a trustworthy casino affiliate programme. An affiliate network called 22bet Partners is responsible for promoting 22bet, a popular casino brand. More than 1000 events are available each and every day, including most major sports, politics, eSports, or even the weather, for website users to bet on. It’s also possible to download the 22bet partners’ app, and the website is optimized for smartphones and tablets.


Something to Keep In Mind

When considering joining an affiliate programme for a casino, first conduct some research first on the brand. The programme may not be precisely what you want, even if you’ve been playing at the casino for a long time. It’s important to know this information before deciding to spend. There is no point in promoting a casino which is immoral or unjust to its patrons.

Take note that as an agent, there seem to be additional guidelines you must follow. Casinos and their affiliates should always be mindful of these restrictions since the regulations have a strong interest in branding and marketing operations.  Casinos and their affiliates must adhere to these restrictions.

Ultimately, affiliates play a significant part in the promotion of casino brands. Having faith in the companies you work with and actively participating throughout the online casino sector as an affiliate is critical, as is making sure that every gambling activity which you promote is secure and fair.


Final Words

Players often rely on online casino agents or affiliates to provide them with information on the opposite side of the online gambling industry. It’s very uncommon for these websites to be run by people who have an extensive background in online gambling, either as players or as industry insiders. Cheating and dishonest behaviour are possibilities in the gambling world. Because of this, players have little choice but to put their faith in the information provided by these sites and blogs in order to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Affiliate websites, on the other hand, aren’t a risk. In order to make money, most online casinos depend only on affiliate websites that bring in customers. Furthermore, these websites get a large number of visitors. Profitability of the industry means that one may expect to get compensated well compared to other affiliate marketing fields.


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