August 24, 2022

Cricket, referred to as a gentleman’s game, is full of physical activity. It may demand a higher level of concentration, patience, and speed. The game is different from the other ones, as a test match can last for 5 days with gaps between sessions. The total duration of the game can last for 9 hours that is split into 3 sessions.


An active lifestyle happens to be an integral component of a modern-day lifestyle. The better news is that more and more people are giving up their bad lifestyle choices and resorting to proper nutrition methods. Sports along with a healthy lifestyle are linked to each other. Even the positive impact of sports on health is never in doubt, and it has been scientifically proven.


Regular exercise improves posture, and it leads to the correct arrangement of all the body parts. Ligaments, along with bones, become stronger, which reduces the risk of injury from falls or severe bruises. The heart is bound to become resilient, which means that the possibility of strokes or heart attacks reduces with age. Indulging in regular sports contributes to a healthy lifestyle choice, and you tend to have a well-toned body. A lot of people who have been involved in sports tend to look young even in their old age.

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Top cricket news suggests apart from physical exercises, and the players need to be focused. When you play a game of cricket, you can save money on your gym subscription. But when you go on to play a game of cricket, there are some surprising health benefits that you need to be aware of.


Burns calories

The game of cricket is perfect to burn calories. Since this is a fast-paced game, you can burn a lot of calories within a short span of time. It provides a perfect opportunity to incorporate exercise into your daily schedule. There is an estimation that you burn around 350 calories when you play a game of cricket. The best part about a game of cricket is that it increases your protein intake and prevents you from frequent hunger pranks. Since proteins take a longer time to digest, you tend to be fuller for a longer period of time.


Strengthens muscles

Cricket is a game that involves a lot of muscle exercise due to throwing, hitting, pitching, or catching the ball as you are moving from one wicket to another. Every activity is bound to have specific benefits to the group of muscles that are involved. An example is the muscles on the upper body and legs are strengthened as you swing and hit the ball, while your arm or chest would benefit from these throws.

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Better hand-eye coordination

Playing a game of cricket improves your peripheral vision along with hand-eye coordination. Each and every action in the game of cricket calls for better hand-eye coordination. It can be hooking a bouncer by a nose tip to the stand top or if a catch is taken by the fielder. For you to make a mark in this field, your hand and eye have to be in coordination.


Improvement in motor skills

Indulging in a game of cricket is bound to develop your stellar skills for catching, batting, or bowling. A game of cricket would enlarge your muscles that including the back, chest, hamstring, or quadriceps. Enhanced muscle development is vital for weight management, as fats are converted to energy for fuelling the body. A reduction in terms of the breakdown of fat would enhance the rate of metabolism. The game of cricket would help you to tone the muscles and remain in shape.



The game of cricket involves performing a series of actions that includes diving, bowling, and hooking. By accomplishing these activities, your body gains a lot of flexibility that is bound to have a positive impact on your performance. Flexibility would prevent injury to the muscles and ligaments related to overstretching.

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Cardiovascular strength

It is such a game that it involves short bouts of sprinting that is good for your cardiovascular health. An intense level of exercise is bound to increase your heartbeat. This is better for the heart and helps blood vessels from clogging. When the heart pumps in more blood, the lungs draw in the oxygen to the other parts of the body, including the brain. This increases the supply of oxygen to the brain that is going to prevent stroke.


Improves your concentration

Playing a game of cricket would increase your concentration as it sharpens the game skills. When you are playing a game of cricket, you have the ability to make quick decisions that enhance your ability to arrive at a sound decision. It is necessary for a batsman to figure out ways by which they can read the ball and read the mind of the bowler and the fielder.


Accomplishing all these tasks is not only going to require concentration but would go on to sharpen the mind. It is necessary for a bowler to study the moves of a batsman to make a profit. Your mental ability is enhanced during the phase of game preparation. A series of analytical skills are necessary when you need to plan out strategies. Indulging in a game of cricket improves concentration and helps you on the mental side.

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Balance along with agility

Playing cricket enhances your ability to move fast. When you are bowling and fielding, you end up accomplishing a lot of tasks at the same time. You also learn to run fast, which improves your stability. The series of controlled movements enables the body to achieve much-needed stability.


To sum up things, cricket is not only an entertaining hobby, but it is also a great way to improve your health. A game of cricket, and your body is in full overdrive mode that goes on to perform a series of functions. As a professional player, it also provides you with an opportunity to earn money.

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