July 14, 2022

Mega888 is a gambling platform which has been around for a long time and is popularly favoured by many people who like to spend their time playing chance games online. It is famous because of its portability (it is available on both android and IOS phones and can even be played on Windows computers). Mega888 has a wide variety of games to play on the app which are suitable for both casual gamers and professional players who like to take their games more seriously.


Mega888 online availability removes the stress of having to go to an actual casino and allows the players to play from anywhere they want. When playing the games, you should follow some strategies and play the games smartly to maximise your chances of winning and increasing your revenues. If you want to decide which games are the best to play, here is a list of the top 5 Mega888 to play.

Top 5 Games With The Best Payouts on Mega888

Crazy 7

This first slot game on our list is called the Crazy 7. As simple as this game is, it is also highly addictive, while being very easy to understand at the same time. Players can easily learn how to play this game and it is because of its simplicity that many players on Mega888 prefer to play it. Crazy 7 also has one of the highest payouts on the Mega888 online casino.


This game only has a single pay screen which allows players to simply place the bet they want to and then spin the wheel. This is all the player has to do. The game will take care of the rest through its automation. Because of its simplicity, automation, and good looks, this game is one of the top 5 slot games on Mega888.

8 Ball Slots

All online casino players are familiar with this game. This is because since the beginning, 8-ball slot games have been a favourite of the players that normally play on online casinos and this game has stood out from among the rest. Its design is made to mimic the real-life 8 pool games which are already very popular among people.


The game has evolved over time making it more and more suitable for the design of online casinos. This game has also become more attractive throughout this time and more attractive to players. This along with its high payouts and amazing graphics make the game irresistible.

5 Fortune

For those players who know their way around online casino games, 5 Fortune is a great choice because of its amazing looks and big payouts. This game is slow-paced to allow players to fully experience all of its amazing features and looks.


Every time you spin the wheel in this game, you’ll never fail to admire its amazing theme and its golden accented aesthetics. 5 Fortune has 15 pay lines and also an adjustable denomination and you can also win free spins if you know how to play the game well.

Aladdin Wishes

Mega888 Aladdin Wishes is particularly loved by those players who love fictional stories and fantasies. This game has a theme of the fictional world of Aladdin where players will see flying carpets, genies, and other similar characters and references to the Disney movie, Aladdin. Check out the Mega888 test id and login to the app today!


Along with the fictional theme, this game has amazing payouts for the players as well which makes it all the more reason for players to love this game. This combination of looks and prizes makes Aladdin Wishes worthy of being one of the Top 5 games on Mega888.

Da Sheng Nao Hai

To finish off our list, we have Da Sheng Nao Hai. This game is for the players who have a keen interest in Fishing slot games. This game is the best choice for such people on the Mega888 platform and is undoubted, one of the best fishing games in all of the online casino games.


Da Sheng Nao Hai makes it to every list of best fishing games in online casinos and its popularity is unrivalled. This fishing game is filled with fun and excitement and is sure to keep the players on the edge of their seats for hours. This along with its high payouts and amazing rewards make it a must-try and the last addition to our list of the Top 5 Mega888 Slot Games to Play and Win Big!

Tips to Find The Best Online Slot Games

If you have tried all the games mentioned above or simply want to go out and explore new games on your own, we encourage you to follow these tips. These will allow you to find the best games which you will enjoy playing.

Play slot will lower coin value

If you are a casual player and don’t want to invest too heavily or risk losing a lot, you should try to play games with a lower coin value. This means that you will spend less money on each spin and this will allow you to play for longer and give you more spins. You will get a lot more entertainment this way without having to risk your bankroll.

Play different varieties

You should choose games which have a different variety of bonuses. This helps to keep your bankroll the up. Also, make sure to play with the slot machines which have a fixed pay line so that you have the best chances to trigger a slot bonus.

Progressive slot Jackpots

If you want to have the best chance at winning jackpots, then you should try your luck with the progressive slot jackpots. This is because it always keeps your prize amount growing.

Check before you claim any casino bonus

Be sure to check the wagering requirements of a casino before you claim a free online bonus. You also shouldn’t take any online bonus where the bonus amount isn’t readily available to cash out. These precautions keep you away from any unwanted hassles and make your experience more enjoyable. Before that, learn how download Mega888 iOS and android today and step into your game arena.


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