August 6, 2022

Running is excellent exercise, but sometimes, you just want to have a break. Sometimes, you are a little bit rushed in the morning, and you don’t have time to do your normal five miles, or maybe something huge has happened, and you have no energy or motivation for exercise. Either way, you might be wondering what you can do in this free time. Luckily, there is no shortage of things that you can do on your day off from your normal running routine.

#1 Playing the latest online slots

You should probably spend your time on your day off relaxing your muscles. So, you can take the opportunity to sit down on the sofa and play an online game that can keep you focused, games like online slots can be really fun and exciting.

One of the best places to find the latest slots is, as they typically have the widest range on offer from all of the big name suppliers. The latest slot games have a large appeal to all types of players, so they can be very relaxing, even if you haven’t played one before. This is because many slots are based on franchises you might already be familiar with, like the board game Monopoly or a movie or TV series.

The latest games will also give you the best slots experience possible, being at the forefront of what is possible, with the latest graphics and playing quality, meaning there should be very little in the way of loading problems or in-game glitches while you are playing.

#2 Housework

Something else you might want to think about is doing some housework. As a runner, you might not be the type for relaxing or at least aren’t the kind to relax by crashing out on the couch for a few hours, then you might find that doing a bit of housework is ideal for you.

It means that you get to move your body and focus on something without it being anything that is too demanding. You can use the opportunity to vacuum the floor, do the dishes, or just dust down the sides. It can, of course, improve the way that your home looks and can help you feel like you have achieved something and you have managed to completely relax at the same time.

This can be a good way to keep your blood pumping and use different muscles within your body, so you are doing something even on your day off, and make the space around you cleaner and better for your mental health.

#3 Odd jobsĀ 

Doing odd jobs that you have been meaning to do for ages might be a great way to help you use up the time away from running. This can be ordering something for someone’s birthday, changing your bedding, picking out your outfit for work the next day, or checking your fridge and compiling a shopping list to help make the most of your time.

This can be really useful, especially if it is one of those annoying things that keep on slipping your mind. Making sure that you compile a to-do list throughout the week to spend this time might be a good idea, especially if they are jobs that are just little things, like cutting your toenails or getting rid of a cobweb in the corner of your bedroom. This can make even the most unproductive days feel like you have done something, even if it is just sending an email or getting something from an online store.

#4 Planning the week ahead

You can spend this time planning the week ahead; this can be meal plans, activities, or just setting yourself some goals for the week’s end. You might want to think about how far and how fast you can run or even plan a run with some friends that you haven’t seen for a while. Maybe you could even set yourself some goals to make the most of your spare time to work towards some longer-term achievements.

This can be really important to reach a point at which you feel that you are getting somewhere pursuing what you want in life. This, in turn, can boost your overall motivation over time and help you think through what you want and discover what you are capable of in the long run. This may well include things like achievements in your career, in your physical fitness, or in your personal health and mental wellbeing.


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