October 7, 2021

Sometimes spotting a leaky vape tank takes time, especially when the leak is minor. Yet, the danger in not spotting a leak sooner is that the damage to the vape kit might soon become irreparable.

A leaky vape kit is not something to be taken lightly. When the vape tank leaks, you lose the content of the vape tank. Furthermore, the leakage might result in the ultimate malfunction of the vape kit. In such cases, you may need to buy a new vape kit when you haven’t planned for it.

The reason for the leakage might not be what you were thinking. So, before you throw that vape kit away, keep reading this piece. You will discover why your vape tank is leaking and learn practical ways to stop it.


Why Do Vape Tanks Leak?

Without knowing where the problem is coming from, finding a solution would be tedious. Therefore, let’s start by taking a closer look at what might be causing your vape kit tanks to leak. What you find here might surprise you.

You Didn’t Fill the Tank Properly.

Negligence can be a costly error, especially when it comes to vaping and vape devices. This mostly happens when you are new to vaping. There is a proper way of filling vape tanks with e-juice. It involves pouring vape juice inside the right compartment, which is the tank.

If the e-juice gets into any other compartment, it could make the vape device malfunction or leak. Likewise, you don’t have to overfill the tank. Overfilling also causes the tank to leak. Failing to follow the correct procedure may come with dire consequences.

The O-ring Is Faulty

The pair of O-rings may be a small piece in a vape kit, but they play a significant role in the vaping process. They are found on both ends of the vape tank to seal its components correctly. Thus, when any of the O-rings get faulty, the tank leaks.

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Over-tightening or Not Tightening the Tank Well Enough

Tightening the airbar vape tank should be easy, right? In reality, it is a bit tricky. The problem with tightening vape tanks is that there could be a problem if you don’t do it properly. Over-tightening vape tanks could cause damage to other parts of the vape kit.

Likewise, when you close the vape tank too tightly, the edges could break. That would make e-liquid seep from the edges of the tank. On the other hand, the e-juice would freely flow out of the tank when you don’t keep the tank tight enough. Consequently, it would cause the vape kit to leak.

Leaving the Vape Kit Lying Horizontally

It is one of the rookie mistakes many vapers have made at one time. Not only is inexperience one of the reasons why this could happen, but negligence is also key.

According to the design of the vape box, vapers would access the vapor in a vertical position. This design helps the vaping process to be in tune with gravity. Thus, when the vape device is not vertically placed, vaping becomes challenging. Soon, the vape juice would leave the tank. If you are interested in buying ejuice you can grab the best ejuice deals here.

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How to Stop Vape Tanks from Leaking

1.  Buy Quality Vape Kits with Leak-Resistant Tanks

Buying a vape kit is similar to buying any other electronic device. Quality does matter. When you buy durable vape kits, you may not need to change any parts until they become disposable. Alternatively, if you go for the cheap, nearly nameless brands, you would get poor quality. The vape kit would consist of cheap parts, including the tank, which is susceptible to damage.

Don’t compromise on quality when you buy vape kits. Do your homework on the best vape kits before you purchase one. There are quality vape kits with durable, leak-resistant tanks on the market. Also, they are not all expensive – you could get some good ones on a budget.

Next, go online and find out what previous users have said about different products. Read reviews on vape accessories and the stores where you can buy them.


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  2. Fill the Vape Kit Tank Properly

Vape kits have different compartments, and each one has a unique function. As for the vape tank, it is the reservoir of the vape juice. Whenever the vape juice runs out, you would need to refill the tank with more e-juice. However, you ought to do it properly.  Start by pouring the e-liquid into the tank. Do this slowly to avoid spilling the liquid in the other compartments.

Also, make sure that the tank is not overflowing with vape juice. After doing this, wipe the edges of the tank and vape device with a cloth. Doing this will help you avoid a leaky tank. Make sure that you hold the vape device in a vertical position throughout this process.


  3. Screw Other Units of the Vape Kit Tightly

Like any other electronic device, a vape kit has several ends that need proper screwing. When you screw these loose ends properly, it prevents the vape tank from leaking. The meeting point between the atomizer and coils can open loose ends. It is an area to pay close attention to and tighten well.

Also, as you reassemble the parts of the vape device after taking them apart, ensure to recouple the parts correctly. Screw the atomizer properly and always align the units you are screwing. As you screw one section to the other, do so gently and stop when you hear a soft click. If you encounter any resistance as you try to screw two ends, don’t force it. Stop. Loosen the ends, realign them, and start again.

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  4. Always Keep the Vape Device in A Vertical Position

Correct positioning is crucial when it comes to vape devices. Holding a vape device in a horizontal position will cause spillage. Thus, always keep it in a vertical position. Even when you are holding it, try to keep it in an upright posture. Likewise, if you choose to keep the vape device in your pocket, remember to keep it standing vertically. Vape cases make it easier to keep a vape device in the correct position. You could consider buying one.


    5. Maintain and Replace Worn Out O-Rings

O-rings are vital to the efficiency of the vape kit, especially the vape tank. They work like a pair of kidneys. There is no easy way of knowing that the O-ring is faulty. You have to open the vape kit and check them to confirm. When you take the vape kit apart, check both ends of the tank to locate the O-rings. If they are in unnatural positions, reset them. And if they are damaged, replace them.



There are many ways a vape tank can leak. In some cases, negligence plays a role in the leakage. However, the first step to solving this problem is by knowing what causes the tank to leak. Next, take the necessary corrective measures to solve the issues. It pays to act fast when it comes to tackling vape tank leakage. If the leakage persists, it could be too late to salvage what’s left of the tank.


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