March 24, 2022

 These days stress and anxiety is very major issue most of the people are suffering from this knowingly or unknowingly which ultimately leads to insomnia and other sleeping disorders

Insomnia and sleeping disorders are not just sleeping issues but a package of so many diseases.

Not maintaining the proper routine of sleep leads to disbalancing of body functions and this is the root cause of so many diseases.

In this fast paced and stressful lifestyle where all the time we are surrounded by electronic gadgets & screens with targets and deadlines creates a very negative impact on our body and mind slowly which causes the problem of sleeplessness and anxiety.

In this era where everything is artificial and chemical based all we need to treat this sleeplessness issue is natural treatment methods and in ayurveda there are so many herbs and medicines which acts naturally in treating this with no or may be very little side effects along with medication there are so many other ways to inducing sleep such as oil massage, pranayam, breathing exercises, meditation etc. You can use valerian root for sleep and take dosage advice from the doctor.

Some of the herbs for treating such are

  • Jatamansi – it works very effectively upto cellular level and it has anti- depression properties. It increases the level of neurotransmitter naturally which helps in inducing sleep. It also has anti- oxidant properties which reduces the cell damage and Ultimately brain stress which helps in inducing sleep , calms your brain and reduces anxiety and depression. In the market it is easily available in powder and oil form.
  • Jyotishmati– it improves the brain function and reduces the brain stress and anxiety and along with such it is very beneficial for eyesight , it helps in improving memory and concentration so good pick for inducing sleep and to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Ashwagandha – it is an adaptogen which reduces the brain stress and anxiety helps in calming your brain and it also Improves the brain function and also supports deep and soundful sleep.
  • Bhrami – It works as the brain toner helps in improving the brain function, stress, emotional issues, mood swings, along with such it improves memory as well as concentration. Majorly it reduces the stress inducing hormone cortisol and Improves the condition of stress and insomnia naturally.
  • Shankhpushpi – It also acts as the brain tonic which reduces stress, calms you down and Improves the brain functions.
  • Vacha – It is mainly used in brain disorders such as epilepsy, insomnia. It reduces stress and improves brain health.


Valerian root is another herb recommended by Ayurveda practitioners. But all of these herbs should be taken in appropriate dosage after prescription for effective actions otherwise it may lead to side effects and along with taking herbs do breathing exercises, meditation, exercise, avoid junk and indigestible food, do body and head massage , do digital detoxification one or two hour before going to bed, go for a walk all of such will helps you naturally in reducing stress and improve the condition of insomnia and other sleeping issues.

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