November 22, 2021

Delta-9-THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants, can potentially be used as a medication. It can prove quite a boon for patients suffering from HIV, as it is an excellent reliever for nausea and can also increase the patient’s appetite.

A synthetic alternative of this cannabinoid has been available in the market from around the 1980s and is extensively used to treat these conditions.

But due to the various side effects of Delta 9, the Delta8 variation is now taken into consideration by numerous medical facilities.

Why is Delta8 catching the trend?

The Dekla8 variety of cannabis is a much milder form than its analog Delta9. The previous trend of marijuana being a quite mild narcotic had its fair share of side effects, which can negatively affect bodily functions.


In severe cases, it can even cause several occasions of anxiety and other mental health disorders.


All these reasons have encouraged various cannabis consumers to shift to the Delta8 alternative.  There is not much difference in compositions between the two variations. However, the hit from the Delta8 products is much lesser; as a result, there are little or no side effects.

The Current Scenario of Delta 8

The Delta8 trend has been around for quite a while, and it has created a major buzz among the cannabis consuming community.

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Various alterations of this variation of cannabinoid are now available in ye market. You can enjoy this delicacy through electric vape pens, tic tires, balms, and even edibles.

However, the extraction and manufacturing process of this type of cannabinoid is still very hectic, time-consuming as well as expensive procedure. So the equality of these products the often compromised if you buy cheaper alternatives of these products.

If you look forward to trying Delta8 products, you should buy from reputed companies that have certifications from respected authorities.

Certified Delta8 manufacturing firms have to pass a range of quality control tests, only after which they are allowed to realize their products in the market.

A Subtle Shift

Cannabinoids are a class of chemicals found in cannabis plants that are produced in large quantities. Delta8 THC and CBD flower are two of the most renowned cannabinoids in the present cannabis market. This plant also lays a foundation for some minor cannabinoids such as CBGs, THCVs, and CBNs.

Moreover, delta eight can be stored for longer periods on the shelves than its Delta9 analog. So, this variation of cannabinoid is also preferred by several CBD manufacturer firms.

What makes Delta 8 less reactive than Delta 9?

A major difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9 cannabinoids is the double bond present at specific carbon atoms.

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In the case of the Delta8 cannabinoid, the double bond is present on the eighth carbon atom of the THC molecule. And similarly, in the case of the Delta 9 cannabinoid, the double bond is present in the 9th carbon of the THC molecule.


This displacement of double bonds makes Delta8 less reactive than Delta9. Moreover, various delta8 oriented tinctures or a solution can even be substituted as alcohol. So it might also help those people who have major drinking problems.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a beginner, you should approach the world of cannabis through delta8-oriented products. And after your get comfortable with those, then you should make your way up to other hard alternatives.

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