July 12, 2022

CBD oil is the rising cannabinoid taking the market by storm. This natural compound which comes in a tiny bottle looks like a magic potion, and while it cannot work miracles, it does have life-changing benefits for many users who have tried it. High-quality CBD oil is not cheap as the price reflects the production practices and quality hemp used to produce a premium product. So it makes sense to buy CBD oil in bulk to pay the best price. But bulk buying may not be worth it if the product expires before you use it. Accordingly, understanding the shelf life of CBD oil is the best way to invest in this cannabinoid without waste.



How long does CBD oil last?

The best CBD oil has an average lifespan of 14 to 24 months. The CBD oil’s expiry date depends on certain factors that can lengthen or shorten its shelf life. Primarily, premium products last longer than low-quality CBD oil because of the cultivation methods. Premium CBD brands use hemp that is organic and cultivated in a pure way to produce CBD oil.


The additives used also affect the oil’s shelf life as they will have their expiry date. Accordingly, it is best practice to read the Certificate of Analysis (COA) to be aware of the ingredients added to the CBD oil. Professional brands will have a COA available for download on their website. This certificate should be no more than six months old, and a third-party ISO standard lab must issue it.

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In the COA, you will learn about the extraction method used. Premium brands will use CBD extracted via the carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction method as it is the safest to avoid contamination. The CO2 extraction method delivers a higher concentration of hemp cannabinoids.



The packaging affects the shelf life of CBD oil too. Most brands will opt for green glass or dark amber to protect the oil from light exposure. Violet glass is another premium packaging option to save the product from light waves.


Although brands have a significant role in the shelf life of CBD oil, as a consumer, you have a role in determining the expiry date of the product you purchase. Storing the CBD oil in a cool, dark place is best to ensure it does not go bad. Some store CBD oil in a pantry or a drawer, but for best results, you can place CBD oil in the refrigerator.

Incorporating CBD into your lifestyle


Considering buying CBD oil in bulk, it is good to understand why you are using this cannabinoid to determine the frequency and dose. Some people use CBD daily, incorporating it into their daily vitamin mix. For people with anxiety and depression symptoms, CBD is a helpful tool that will provide hours of respite from the overwhelming thoughts and emotions that oppress them. Research shows how CBD is outstanding in delivering feelings of well-being thanks to its antidepressant-like effects.

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This cannabinoid balances the stress hormone to keep the body from being in continual fight or flight mode. It interacts with the neurotransmitter known as serotonin, which is critical in maintaining low anxiety symptoms. Moreover, this cannabinoid interacts with GABA levels in the brain, essential to deal with stressful situations more calmly.


Pain management is another reason why many are turning to CBD. Chronic pain is a reality for many people with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, etc. CBD is a great natural alternative because it is as potent as traditional painkillers, but it does not cause the adverse side effects of some anesthetics on the market.


CBD oil is worth taking daily when you notice how better your skin looks, especially if you have acne, eczema, or psoriasis. This cannabinoid has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which greatly minimize the visibility of wrinkles, brighten dull skin, and ease inflammation caused by skin disorders.


Even so, some use CBD sporadically by taking it only when needed. For example, some use CBD oil if they need an energy boost at work. CBD is remarkable in boosting energy without causing a crash, as when taking sugar or an intoxicating psychoactive like Delta 9 THC. Some may take CBD before a massage to have a better experience and be able to relax more. Similarly, others consider using CBD before a presentation or a workplace meeting to feel more at ease.

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If you use CBD oil when it has expired, it will not make you sick as dairy products tend to do. Generally, expired CBD oil will lose its potency and be less effective because its cannabinoids will have degraded. So you might take CBD for your anxiety or to sleep better and find that it is not working as it should.

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