August 22, 2022

THC gummies are becoming a popular way for Canadians to consume marijuana. Gummy edibles have been the greatest invention since the discovery of cannabis many years ago. For those who use pot but can’t stand the flavour of it, these infused gummy edibles are a lifesaver. They’re a fantastic alternative to smoking that provides a more consistent high experience.


Another reason to use our list of the Top THC Gummies in Canada is that edibles are a better alternative to smoking marijuana. Cannabis-based gummies come in various delectable flavours and do not affect the lungs.


It is easy to see why this type of edible has been gaining attention on the market. They are the ideal snack to consume at any time of the day or night!


There is no reason why they should not be enjoyed. We’ve compiled a list of Canada’s top five tetrahydrocannabinol gummies to help you find the best products. We put them through a strict review process to ensure that the dispensaries that carry them will get your order to you on time.


These candies are simple to order, can be mailed to you, and will arrive in a few days!

The Top 5 Best THC Gummies in Canada


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Mikro Gummies – 100mg THC – Cranberry

MIKRO cranberry THC gummies allow you to calculate the ideal cannabis dose. Take one or two to get the smoothest high you’ll ever have. These naturally flavoured Mikro gummies will help you achieve the best high and all of cannabis’ recreational and stress-relieving effects.


Sugar Jack’s Raspberry Yogurt Gummies – 100 mg

It contains ten gelatin-based edibles with a total of 100 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol. This product was created by hand with flavour and potency in mind. Each gummy is sugar-sweetened and contains 10 mg of the active ingredient.


It’s fascinating that the content has distinct shapes, and the soft and chewy jellies are incredibly easy to handle and administer in small doses.


Potluck Extracts – Apple Gummies – 100mg THC / 100mg CBD

These treats are expertly made with care, devotion, and perfection! Potluck was designed with the modern marijuana fan in mind to provide consistent quality at a low price without sacrificing flavour or purity. It was made using only the best full spectrum cannabis oil, CBD oil, and all-natural flavours.


High Dose – Blue Raspberry – 1000mg/1500mg

High Dose sweet treats are delicious, contain the best quality THC and are meant to make you feel amazing after consumption. Each piece of gummy candy contains 1000 or 1500 milligrammes of THC.

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Alya Extract – Raspberry Lemonade Blocks 200mg


Try the distinct flavours of this unique type of edible! They’re entirely made of fruit juice, with no artificial colours or unattractive additives, yet painstakingly manufactured to ensure tetrahydrocannabinol absorption homogeneity and dependability. You will never have to pick between fantastic food and having a good time with them!


Following ingestion, you will feel a wave of tolerable relaxation and a pleasant, carefree frame of mind. This gummy will be a hit with medical patients suffering from symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, appetite loss, and chronic pain. Whatever its intended application, this discrete and portable consumable is ideal for dosing at any time and anywhere!


What To Keep In Mind When Using Marijuana-infused Edibles

  • Beginners Should Take Their Time

Regular users are aware that weed edibles are highly potent. At first, they’ll notice that the effects stay longer in their system. Secondly, the experience is significantly intense. It is strong enough to keep them anchored to the sofa for some time.


This may be too much for you as a novice. But, it’s strictly recommended to begin consuming slowly with a small amount. Before increasing your dosage, take some time to observe how it makes you feel.

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Take another measured bite if it doesn’t give you an odd feeling. If it does, you may have a low tolerance for weed and should limit your intake.

  • Do Not Mix Marijuana With Other Intoxicants Right Away

When you eat something, your liver metabolizes it. This method produces a far more substantial euphoric impact than smoking marijuana. This level of high is more than adequate for novices.  As a result, marijuana products should not be used with other substances.


Alcohol is a well-known example of such a drug. You may experience some anxiety as a result of such action. While this is unpleasant, combining marijuana and other potent narcotics like cocaine is far more dangerous. Never try this since it will considerably complicate your life.


  • Always Behave Responsibly

Marijuana is, indeed, pleasurable. It improves your mood by relieving stress and kicking off the celebration. None of this, however, should make you ignore the significance of using it responsibly.


Never store cannabis where a child can see and reach it. Moreover, it would be best if you do not drive while under the influence of marijuana, regardless if you are driving cars, bicycles, trucks, and even aeroplanes. This action has a severe offence and might cost you thousands of dollars. You still have to use them wisely, as enjoyable as they may be.

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  • Take Careful Notice of Your Sources

Marijuana has been thriving for so long. For various reasons, some people continued to sell and buy it before it was legal. Now you can access them readily in Canada. Many dealers are eager to get their products to the market. Unfortunately, not all of the weed edibles are of high quality.


Before making a purchase, ensure the item is of good quality. Buying products that are not safely created can be exceedingly dangerous to one’s health. In addition, receiving edibles that have not been sufficiently decarboxylated can be frustrating. As a result, be sure your source is reputable and has good reviews.


  • It Is Harmful to Pregnant Women

There are a few activities that pregnant women should avoid. Alcohol and marijuana are near the top of this list. The nine-month stress of carrying a child can be exhausting. You may wish to utilize pot to de-stress even more, but it’s strictly prohibited.


It is often detrimental to both you and your unborn child. It is best advised to abstain entirely during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period. If you must take it for medical reasons, consult your doctor first.

  • Have A Good Company

If you plan to take a weed-infused gummy, have a friend who isn’t high to keep an eye on you. Like having a sober driver, having a friend who can watch you and drive you home safely if you need to is helpful.

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How Long Does Edible Cannabis Kick In? 


If you regularly smoke or vape cannabis, you are aware that the effects begin almost immediately. On the other hand, the full results of cannabinoid-infused edibles may not be felt for up to two or three hours. We advise new users to start with a small dose and wait a full day before assessing their reaction.


How long is the effect stay in your system? It isn’t easy to tell because it varies greatly. Numerous factors influence the duration of the consumed product. It includes the individual’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and tolerance, which increases with more consumption.


The effects of edibles are significantly longer lasting than those of smoking. Inhaled cannabis effects typically last only a few hours, whereas edibles can last between 6 and 8 hours.

To be safe, never drive a vehicle within 24 hours of consuming the product.




A THC-containing gummy, such as those on our list, offers a tasty way to enjoy marijuana recreationally or medically. However, if edibles are not appropriately dosed, you risk consuming too much for your tolerance. As a result, it is best to start slowly and gradually to see how much you can handle; keep in mind that product strengths differ significantly from those listed on the packaging.

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Cannabis Gummies are available for purchase online in Canada. There are numerous advantages to buying marijuana edibles online, including higher-quality products, lower prices, and the convenience of having the products delivered directly to your door.

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