February 22, 2022

Trading worldwide is evolving with the inclusion of digital assets in it. Especially because of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin, the overall trading scenario has changed completely. The international trade market is not the same as it was 10 years ago. Now there is yet another market within the international trade market which is overwhelmed with thousand plus cryptocurrencies.

Majority of crypto trading is like stocks sharing or forex trading. You buy digital currencies and sell them when you think the price is right for you to sell them. For trading of cryptocurrencies, however, the need for having a brokerage firm remains the same. The present Global CTB Review will point out why a brokerage firm like Global CTB is important for crypto trading.

Relationship between Global CTB and Crypto Trading

The very foundation of Global CTB was laid to serve traders who wanted to invest in and trade cryptocurrencies. This broker realized some seven years ago that crypto market will overpower normal trading and will become immensely popular over the time. The evaluation of Global CTB was right as today crypto trade market is spreading all over the world. There are more than thousand digital assets/currencies to trade. Crypto market’s global valuation is exceeding US$ 2 Trillion within which the lion’s share is of world’s very first cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin.

From day first Global CTB focused on crypto trading and has been helping global traders to access digital assets markets across the globe. Digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. can be bought and exchanged through the brokerage services of Global CTB. But digital assets aren’t the only products that the Global CTB has to offer. In fact, the firm is hosting other trading as well such as trading of stocks, shares, commodities, metals, indices etc.

Global CTB’s offerings

For best trading experience, Global CTB has wide range of unique offerings. For instance, the firm has 6 different trade accounts to offer which can then be further divided into three major categories. The first category of accounts is “Beginner Traders’ Accounts” which include accounts namely Bronze and Silver. The second category of crypto trade accounts is “Average Traders’ Accounts” which includes an account called “Gold” account. The third category is that of “Pro-Level Traders’ Accounts” and has accounts called “Platinum”, “Diamond” and “VIP” accounts.

This categorization has been assisting traders to conveniently determine which specific account meets their needs.

On the trading side, Global CTB offers trading in top twenty cryptocurrencies of the world which include Bitcoin and Ethereum also. In addition, if a trader wishes to trade in forex, there is plenty of fiat currency pairs available for forex trading. Similarly, an account of Global CTB can be further utilized for trading stocks, indices, commodities, metals etc. However, owning an account costs minimum 500 Euros or 200,000 Euros maximum, depending on the account type.

Interaction With Customers

In order to keep the trading spirit high of the customers, Global CTB has developed a well-thought of website. This website is in fact the portal which allows customers to explore near and far lung crypto trade markets without the need of downloading any software. As a matter of fact, the website serves as a trade engine which contains existing investment opportunities, trading signals, analysis, strategy papers etc. The user interface is so easy to use that the trader can get used to it in a matter of spending a couple of hours.

Then there is a whole team of customer service willing to assist the customers 24/7 and five days a week. Contacting the team is also very simple as they can be contacted through multiple methods. For instance, the team can be reached by simply leaving a message, giving a call or through live chat service.

End Remarks

This review however does not fully justify how well better positioned Global CTB is in the international trade market and gives only a picture of what it is. However to better judge Global CTB it would be advised to visit the site and see for yourself if it is worth it or not.

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