July 12, 2022

After Bitcoin has positioned itself in recent years, there are more who want to invest or acquire this cryptocurrency through bitcoin traders. On many occasions, they have not done so because they do not know how to do it, and others do not have the capital.

Given this last option, some proposals and opportunities have arisen for those who wish to invest in cryptocurrencies and learn more about this environment.

What is a faucet?

Its name is relatively the comparison with the drip that a tap could usually make when expelling water, but, in the cryptographic environment, they are web pages or applications whose execution is relatively simple, which for many users is usually quite interesting because they offer as reward Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

These rewards usually originate after the execution of simple tasks or for the simple fact of seeing advertising, which in turn is converted into Satoshis, which would be the tiniest fraction of bitcoin and for free.

Although the idea of granting free cryptocurrencies for doing these small activities may sound a bit suspicious for many users, most faucets are legal. Therefore, they are not false advertising, but it never hurts to confirm the sources.

This type of platform was initially intended for people to obtain knowledge related to Bitcoin and the crypto ecosystem, thus capturing as much attention as possible, and in some way, they could invest in this new digital market.

Generally, these web pages are usually contracted by other companies as marketing instruments. They cancel these portals for advertising their products or services through banners or links to which the interested parties are generally redirected.

For this type of task, the faucets grant the benefit in tiny amounts of cryptocurrencies to those who wish to generate extra income, and why not grow in decentralized finance.

A brief overview of faucets

They emerged after Bitcoin was born as a way to encourage this cryptographic ecosystem that was only a few years old. Gavin Andresen was the first developer of this tool, known as the faucet. In his initial stage, he came to offer up to 5 bitcoin for the execution of simple tasks.

These rewards had to be claimed immediately upon completing a task, thus accumulating the most considerable amount of Bitcoin in the respective electronic wallets.

Depending on the complexity of the tasks, the rewards will be more significant; in this advertising chain, everyone benefits. The owners of the faucet also receive their counterparts for the service provided; from there, the rewards are usually granted to the users.

The strategies to obtain bitcoin through the faucet

Most people start by acquiring Bitcoin for free; in most cases, it is done through faucets, which seek a kind of fidelity with the website, where the main objective is to generate enough traffic that leads them to develop their sales.

The primary strategy is to capture the attention of potential users who will solve tasks as simple as watching videos, advertising, answering surveys, or solving captchas, which, when completed, can generate income for the minimum portion of a bitcoin.

The strategies that these web platforms usually use are diverse since their traffic is high since they offer free rewards; among the most common options for which these pages benefit generally is for the entry of every thousand users to the page or for each click that is generated and directed to the website of the leading advertiser.

Are faucets free?

This doubt could be considered a key to knowing how reliable a faucet is; for Internet users, it is essential to know that all the pages that offer this type of product are free; if there is one that is not, then it is an absolute scam.

The functionality of a Bitcoin faucet

Its peculiar characteristic of granting financial benefits for fulfilling specific tasks turned out to be the easiest way to educate the Internet community about Bitcoin and other digital currencies, in addition to knowing in-depth how the blockchain works.

Through the faucet, it is much easier to learn about the characteristics of Bitcoin. Moreover, these transactions can be carried out the digital wallets and even the operation of the Exchange.


There are endless tools available on the Internet to know and manage with the appropriate concepts the environment of decentralized financial investments on which many today are waiting.

The faucet is a simple way to start with Bitcoin without risking your capital for many people.

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