June 8, 2022

What are the best games to earn cryptocurrencies? That is a good question. Because crypto games are playing an increasingly important role within the blockchain industry. Making money with gaming is therefore a trend that has started worldwide in 2021. Play to earn is still new, but within 10 years it may become the new normal in the gaming world and society.

Now a bit strange perhaps: training a family business in NFT monsters, where son and daughter win tournaments and the parents are busy with breeding strategies. But this could soon become as mundane as a family who owns a farm or runs a restaurant.

Because with blockchain, live casino for Arab players, for example, has become serious business. It is therefore not surprising that more and more play to earn games are appearing and are undergoing rapid development.

What Are Crypto Games?

One of the first computer games dates from the early 1970s and had the simple name Pong. The aim of the game was also not very complicated: to pass a bill, or rather a group of pixels in the shape of a ball. Since Pong, gaming has been evolving for almost 50 years and crypto gaming is one of the latest groundbreaking developments.

Crypto games are made on a blockchain and operate within a crypto ecosystem. In the games, NFTs are often made for various assets. These are non-fungible tokens and unique tokens. You can collect or trade these NFTs. But they can also be a tool or weapon that you can use in the game.

What distinguishes blockchain games from existing games? In addition to the play to earn principle, blockchain games offer many more new possibilities for gamers. The crypto games are often designed to operate community-driven. This allows you to add elements yourself and as a token or NFT holder, you often have a say in the development of the game.

Most games are built as open source and can therefore also be combined with other games. It’s a bit like letting the Super Mario Brothers roam around in Fortnight, which of course makes gaming even more fun. Another big difference is that the NFTs you acquire within a game really become your own property. So you can also store and sell them outside the game environment.

It is therefore not surprising that the share of the blockchain gaming industry within the crypto market is growing. Currently, there are 102 tokens tradable that belong to a blockchain game or a gaming platform. In October 2021, the market capitalization of these tokens is USD 14,775,382,056 and this market is growing. Furthermore, gaming-related NFTs make up an important part of the NFTs that are traded on the NFT market. This share of the NFT market is also growing.

What Is a Play to Earn Game?

Play to earn is a fairly new concept that has been further developed with the rise of games on the blockchain. You play a game and thus earn value.

How do you make money with play to earn games? Mainly you can generate income in two ways: trading and collecting NFTs, and playing games and assignments where you can earn or win tokens.

Playing Games

There is, of course, the element of battle in every game. But what should you fight for or against? This can be done in different ways and for different purposes. So you can play games with P2E (person to the environment) or P2P (person to person) battle; you against the rest of the universe or against an opponent somewhere in the world. Furthermore, a game can contain tasks that you have to perform, collect a crop from your yield farm or searching for magic tokens in a magical forest for example.

Now that gaming is increasingly becoming a professional business, you can also hire players to compete in your service. Or you can compete as a scholar in the service of someone or a team. This system was devised to keep the entry to crypto games low-threshold. For example, to start battling in Axie Infinity you need to have some Axie monsters, which can cost hundreds of dollars right now. Through a scholarship, you can participate without NFTs, so that enough people continue to play the game.

NFT Trading

Almost all games have NFTs that play a role in the game. Some are for collecting, their value depends on the rarity and popularity of collectors. Other NFTs also have a function in the game. They give powers or are an important building tool. The games usually have their own marketplace, but you can also trade them on general marketplaces such as OpenSea.

What Are the Characteristics of the Best Play to Earn Games?

What are the characteristics of a good successful play to earn game? When determining what the best game is, a number of things play a role.

  • Game with multiple earning options – Blockchain games consist of worlds in themselves in which you can create value in different ways. The more possibilities, the more attractive the game becomes.
  • Active community – A community that is enthusiastic about the game is also important, especially with decentralized games. An active community can literally take a game to the next level with ideas and improvements. Furthermore, to make a game a successful play earn game, there must be enough players. If a game has enough active players, its value will increase. This starts with an active community.
  • Strong team – A developer team is the driving force behind the development of a game. Who are the people who came up with the game and what’s on their resume? These are questions that are interesting if you are serious about investing time and money in a game. A team’s plans must also be clear. A clear roadmap that is also followed neatly like a timetable is, therefore, a good sign.
  • Network – What network is the game built on? Most games are built on the Ethereum network, but this is not always the case these days. Other networks such as Binance Smart Chain are increasingly becoming the basis for games. The advantage of this can be a faster network and lower gas fees.

10 Best Crypto-Games to Earn Real Money

Time to get the facts straight. We have made a list of the 10 best and most remarkable plays to earn games in 2021. So, read on quickly and discover what the best play to earn games are at the moment.

  • Lucky Block
  • Silks
  • Axie Infinity
  • Space Misfits
  • Decentraland
  • The Sandbox
  • Mobox
  • Illuvium
  • Police & Thief
  • Chain Games


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