December 15, 2021

The holidays are often about celebrating with others and also gifting others. However, you have worked hard over the year, and you deserve to treat yo’self! After purchasing gifts for your friends and family, it is ok to spend a little to make your holiday season awesome. In many people’s opinions, there is nothing better than bacon, so why not treat yourself with some?

Fortunately, Papa Johns was looking ahead to the holiday season and decided that this was the best time to bring out Bacon Mania specials. If you are a bacon lover, which there are very few who are not, this is the perfect time to carry out or have delivered one of the many bacon-inspired items on their limited menu. But get them before they disappear, because they are only available for a little while longer.

Is Bacon on Your Christmas List?

It may be rare for Santa to get lists from kids that have bacon on them. However, what adult does not secretly want to add bacon to their Christmas list? Call it the adult’s Santa, but Papa Johns has a number of bacon pizza specials that you can take advantage of, whether you are hungry from wrapping presents, are hosting a party for Christmas Eve, or just want an easy and delicious delivered dinner after spending the afternoon at a crowded shopping mall.

To satisfy your bacon craving, try one of Papa Johns Bacon Mania specials, such as the triple bacon pizza. Choose the traditional crust, or choose thin, gluten free, or stuffed crust. This is then topped with red sauce, Canadian bacon, crumbled bacon, cheese, and bacon slices.

If the Bacon Mania season has passed you by, but you still are craving the smokiness of bacon, you can also try the BBQ chicken bacon pizza, which combines BBQ sauce, cheese, grilled chicken, onions and crumbled bacon.

Treat Yourself with Bacon!

Pizza is great, but there may be times when you are looking for something a little different. In these times, give the bacon pizza sandwich a try. Known as a papadia, this sandwich consists of a parmesan-crusted flatbread that is filled with creamy ranch, bacon strips, Canadian bacon, onions, cheese, and BBQ sauce.

Another bacon option, if you are looking for a side or snacky treat, is the bacon jalapeno popper rolls. Based on the original jalapeno popper rolls, this bacon-filled goody takes Papa Johns original crust and wraps cream cheese, jalapenos, and bacon into it for a delicious shareable treat.

Share the Bacon Goodness

The good news with Bacon Mania is that you can have it for yourself and share it with others. If a friend has had a long day at work or is bogged down with present wrapping, show up at the door with a hot, flavorful pizza. Or surprise your colleagues with an impromptu office holiday party lunch. All you have to do is order online or over the phone and Papa Johns will deliver straight to your office. Pizza gift cards are also a great stocking stuffer or secret santa gift.


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