January 13, 2023

Bitcoin, in recent years, has been hit by causes that have affected its value, going through very significant falls that it has never registered since its creation. You might start to wonder how one could profit from owning a Bitcoin exchange after reading this.

But many causes influence their rises, which could begin to appear now, to give this technology a new boost and provide financial development to markets and individual investors.

Some analysts assure that the downward trends of the Bitcoin price will no longer be a concern for investors because when the time comes for it to cease, even though in the last months of the year, it registered a meager value of 16 thousand dollars after being in 60 thousand.

Charles Edwards, a leading analyst in crypto markets, indicated that the value of the Bitcoin market capitalization had reached a shallow deal never before recorded.

Indicators that could stop the price drop in Bitcoin

As first it is positioned, The MVRV is one of the most important indicators, which is based on the study between the market price and the realized value, being the basis for the study of the stages of long-term behavior to determine the moment in which bitcoin is advantageous concerning the number of crypto assets in question.

This indicator shows that market capitalization is now very low, referring to the current value of bitcoin, where the duration interval and depth are similar to the importance of previous cycles.

The second indicator that plays an essential role in slowing down the crypto-winter is the higher magnitude of the bitcoin amendments, showing that in the course of the cycles, there is a subsequent upward trend, which does not guarantee that bitcoin is excepted. of suffering much larger falls than those already known.

The third indicator is linked to the profits and the cost realized, through which the possibility of great occasions to acquire and invest in digital currencies is seen, which has only been seen three times during 2015, then in 2019, and today.

In fourth place, we have the discounts for more than 50% that bitcoin has presented concerning the energy value, which is defined by the number of watts of electricity consumed by the network.

Aspects that affect the trajectory of bitcoin in the market

The credibility and confidence of the people, due to the recent collapse of the FTX platform, has made bitcoin continue to be in the number one position in demand for cryptocurrencies since investors have been shown buying thousands of dollars in bitcoin lately.

The FTX bankruptcy greatly influenced the fall in the value of cryptocurrencies. Still, the most affected was bitcoin, the most used digital currency in Europe and which is spreading to the world in general.

In recent months there has been a greater interest in investors who have carried out operations with bitcoin reaching a higher maximum for two consecutive years; this shows that this cryptocurrency is once again positioning itself as the favorite in the market.

According to news issued by Santiment, a significant and recognized news issuer in the crypto world, announced that the number of addresses and existing ones associated with the essential investors consists of 100 to 1000 bitcoin per account.

The future of growth in value for bitcoin is coming

For two years now, investors’ position growth of more than 10% has been visualized, raising the number of the portfolio index to 150,000.

Despite the difficult situation that cryptocurrencies have suffered, their development and development are increasing. Their revaluation will grow in a not-very-long period, thus managing to recover from the harmful spells sustained in the last couple of years.


The bitcoin and cryptocurrency market, in general, is analyzed through its behavior; it is from there that experts deduce the possible events that will arise over time.

Thanks to the indicators that allow you to establish opportune times for safe investments, that is, to acquire cryptocurrencies at times when it is profitable to invest and save to wait for the upward trends that produce increases in the stored currencies.

In the short term, bitcoin will exceed the maximum value recorded, which was 60 thousand dollars; it is time for cryptocurrencies to begin to enjoy a good revaluation and be able to continue with the growth of its market, promoting inclusion and the financial development of people.

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