January 2, 2023

In 2021, 20 percent of respondents indicated having the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. PMP certification helps professionals demonstrate that they have exceptional Project Management skills.


Project management combines approaches, skills, and technologies frequently utilised to meet established project objectives. The project manager is accountable for completing and delivering the project on schedule and within budget while protecting the customer’s and stakeholders’ interests.


Increasing competition, the introduction of new methodologies, cost-cutting pressures, tight timelines, and stringent quality parameters make the challenges for a project manager more complex. A PMP course will help growth-oriented Project Managers obtain the PMP certification and overcome these industry challenges.


Table of contents 

  1. What is Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification? 
  1. Top reasons to get PMP Certification 
  1. PMP Certification Eligibility 
  1. PMP Certification Process 
  1. Cost for PMP Certification


What is Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification? 


Project Management Professional certification is issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to skilled project managers when they successfully pass the exam. The certificate recognises an individual’s experience, abilities, and accomplishments in the Project Management domain. Both the person and the company benefit from the globally renowned PMP certification.


Top reasons to get PMP Certification 


Before racing for any qualification, the question ‘why’ should cross your thoughts. As a result, before diving into topics such as eligibility, aims, preparation, etc., think about the following reasons that answer the question ‘why’.


  1. By 2027, 22 million additional PMP jobs will be created in 11 nations, including India. By deciding to obtain PMP certification, you are meeting the global need for 88 million PMPs in various sectors.


  1. According to the 9th PMI salary study (2015), PMP certification provides an immediate 16% income hike; the poll included about 26,000 project managers working in 34 countries, including 1,197 respondents from India. According to data, a PMP-qualified manager earns around Rs. 17 lacks per year, whereas a non-PMP-certified manager earns approximately Rs. 12 lacks per year.


  1. The PMP certification validates your project management ideas, experience, and successes in Project Management.


  1. PMP certification is a contractual requirement while working on big client engagements in various industries. Because of the additional challenges of performing in a more unpredictable global market, any business, including manufacturing, construction, information services and oil & gas, among many more, will have only PMP-qualified project managers.


PMP Certification Eligibility 


You must validate your education and project management experience to take the PMP exam. These are as follows:

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1) If you have your four-year degree

  • A minimum of 36 months of non-overlapping project management experience is required.


  • A minimum of 4500 hours of experience as a project manager leading a project is required.


  • 35 contact hours of official PMP certification training or a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification.


2) If you don’t have a four-year degree

  • A minimum of 60 months of non-overlapping project management experience is required.


  • Minimum of 7500 hours experience as a project manager directing projects.


  • 35 contact hours of official PMP certification training.


PMP Certification Process 

After determining eligibility for PMP Certification, the next step is to begin the application process.


Step 1: Sign up at pmi.org and create your profile.


Step 2: Attend 35 contact hours of official PMP certification training.


Step 3: Apply for a PMI membership to take advantage of special discounts when scheduling examinations. The PMI membership gives you access to online publications and resources where you can receive the most recent editions of study materials such as foundation standards, PMBOK, framework & practice, and so on.


Step 4:  Fill out and submit the online application within 90 days. PMI takes 5-6 days to notify applicants that their applications have been accepted.

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Step 5: Once your application has been accepted, you can pay the fees to proceed to the next level.


Step 6:  You can schedule the exam at the nearest test location based on your level of preparedness.


Cost for PMP Certification 

The cost is an essential factor to drive you to pursue PMP® certification. The following data are subject to change in accordance with PMI regulations. 

Membership status Computer-based test ($) Paper-based test ($)


$555 $400
PMI members $405 $250


The paper-based test option is only offered to applicants who live more than 300 miles away from the test center or if a firm sponsors the PMP exam.



PMP certification can help you get started in project management and offer you an advantage over the competition. Numerous organisations’ HR departments understand that a professional with PMP certification is passionate about pursuing a career in project management. Additionally, if you planning to apply for PMP jobs, don’t forget to prepare for the PMP Interview Questions with Answers.  Accelerate your project management journey with our PMP certification course today and live your dream tomorrow!



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