Pinterest Marketing
May 28, 2021

Pinterest used to be seen as the number one site for décor ideas, recipes, etc, but today, there is more to it than that.  Pinterest has earned a name for itself as one of the top visual search engines on the web.

It is home to tons of graphics, links and inspiration for almost anything that you can find. For most digital marketers, Pinterest is a goldmine for social media marketing. A lot of bloggers and infopreneurs depend on Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites.


Creating a good Pinterest marketing strategy is key to the success of your business. In the course of this article, we would be looking at beginners guide to Pinterest marketing tips and strategies.



 #1. Target the right Pinners with ads

There is a popular aphorism that says ”you have to spend money to make money”. Another effective social media marketing strategy for Pinterest is to have an ad budget.

The Pinterest platform allows advertisers to place targeted ads based on sensitive data like; demographics, age, keywords and interests. With audience targeting provided by Pinterest, a digital marketer can access the following class of individuals.

  • Individuals that visited your site
  • Individuals that engaged with your pins
  • Individuals that binged on similar content
  • Your list of customers gotten through newsletter subscribers


 #2. Make it easy for Pinners to shop

As we all know, pinners like to shop. However, try to give them a wonderful shopping experience.

One of the best ways to do this is to make use of the Shop the Look pins. These are pins that are streamlined to follow the online buying process. Pinterest is more like the user clicking on the product that interests them. The links on the board take them directly to the product page so that they can buy what they want immediately.

On Pinterest, you would also find a Shop tab that business profiles can use. This tab is dedicated to pinners that want to sell their product solutions directly from their business profiles.

As a digital marketer, you can leverage one of the best tools that Pinterest has to offer; Pinterest Analytics. With Pinterest Analytics, you can improve your social media marketing strategies and refine your work.

Pin it

3. How to use Pinterest to Advertise upcoming events.

Did you know that Pinterest boards can also be used to share photos of events that are hosted by your brand? For example, if your brand was going to host a trade fair, it would post it on its Pinterest board. These event posts would generate excitement for future events.


#4. Integrate with other social media networks.


One of the best ways to get more followers in your brand’s Pinterest account is by promoting pins on other social media channels. We are talking about sharing your pins to other established networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There is a high possibility that not all your Facebook or Instagram followers follow you on Pinterest. When you share your content on other bigger networks, you engage your customers with more visual content to enjoy.


#5. Create captivating content  on Pinterest


According to a recent study, over 85% of pinners place more priority on visuals than text. That does not mean that you should slack off on your ad copy or sales copy. The Pins on your brand’s board should be designed to deliver on all fronts.

  • Factors that make a good pin
  • A copy that is super descriptive

Your pin copy should be able to tell customers or visitors exactly what they are seeing, and also engage them to learn more.

  • A pin with infographics that have vertical Imagery

The best dimensions for your pin images should be a 2:3 aspect ratio. This helps to avoid showing truncated images to customers, as it is bad for the user experience.

  • Get a Text Overlay for your Pin

When you put out a good headline for your pins on your brand’s board, it helps to reinforce your social media marketing message.

  • Good storytelling

One of the best ways to use Pinterest for social media marketing is to use pins to captivate customers with stories. These stories would act as a hook that shows your customers your business in action.


#6. Plan ahead for seasonal content


As a marketer, you need to plan ahead what pins you need to make and the best time to post them. The Pinterest platform recommended that users should use 30-45 days in advance to plan their content.

There are lots of holidays and seasonal festivals that marketers can take advantage of to drive more sales.  Did you know that on the 2018 valentines day, over 56 million searches were made? There were also 321 million searches for the December holidays. One can take advantage of a season and maximize profit with Pinterest marketing. For example, during the covid 19 season, a lot of banks were closed due to covid regulations. This gave birth to POS businesses. As a pinner, no matter the country you can use Pinterest to market products based on seasonal demand or circumstances.

Planning your pins ahead of time is one of the must-do social media marketing strategies of 2021.


#7. Create a portfolio board.


This is one of the first things that come to the mind of marketers when creating a Pinterest account. Every brand needs an online portfolio. One of the best ways is to get board where your brand can put up a professional portfolio that represents the product solutions that it offers.

As long as the portfolio of your brand on Pinterest is interesting and engaging, it would favour your brand.


 #8. Using Pinterest to Interact with customers.


There are so many ways that one can interact and engage customers on Pinterest. One can choose to build a board with pins about customer testimonies with infographics showing them using your brand’s product solution. Another strategy is to use the board to highlight some of your best customers each month.

In your bid to use Pinterest to engage your customers, always keep the communication levels as interactive as ever. Never underestimate the power of responding to the comments of customers to your brand’s pin.

A good communication line between your brand and customers on Pinterest can boost your brand’s personality.


#9. Pin consistently


One of the best practices that marketers should follow is to pin something at least once every day. This is a more effective Pinterest marketing strategy than creating a board at once and filling it up. Pinterest has algorithms that can make your content reach a wider audience if your post regularly.

You can use third-party automation tools to schedule your pins on Pinterest. One of the best tools for doing this is Hootsuite. One can also schedule pins on the Pinterest platform too. One pro-social media marketing tip is to make pins when a large percentage of your audience is online.


Best Ways to Maximize Pinterest For your Business


In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at 2 clever ways to take advantage of Pinterest for business.


• Publishing at the right time for increased engagement

Just as it is in every other social media platforms, publishing content by the right time helps boost sales. If your leads are fast asleep and you busy bombarding them with content, your efforts would be futile.

Although content posted on Pinterest in comparison with other social media networks has a longer shelf life.

The best content that fits Pinterest is seasonal or occasion related content. There are lots of ways to source content ideas from everything décor to recipes.


It is important to note that there are a lot of pinners that start engaging with their audience in advance.

As it is with any kind of content, posting on Pinterest in optimal time can get your social media marketing strategy off a good start.


• Planning ahead to enhance productivity

When you have a good social marketing strategy in place, alongside a good posting schedule, you would be able to plan your content ahead of time. This approach helps you to manage your social media marketing strategy effectively. As a plus, planning your content marketing strategy on Pinterest helps you plan your content ahead of time.

You can give up one day in a week to plan and create content that you would use on Pinterest for the rest of the week. You could also follow another approach by using several days to plan your Pinterest content.

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