October 11, 2022


Just casually flipping around to figure out the latest hairstyle trends in 2022, would indicate that the year has already been taken over by big, voluminous hair. In other words, it is the year for oversized hair, and liberal use of hair accessories. However, to a discerning eye that, over the decades, has kept a track of the hairstyle trends it would take only a few minutes to understand that much of those styles are basically an evolved version of the 80s hair. Therefore, it is hardly astonishing that when it comes to having the hair styled for special occasions increasing number of people search how to do the 80s hair. In this article here, we list our personal favourites from the 80s hair style for women, which are easy and also delve into details to help you get the desired 80s look such that you can enjoy the colourful and bright vibes of the 80s

The Side & The Bubble Ponytails

A very casual and easy to implement style the pony, in its multiple avatars was an instant hit in the 80s. Amongst the host of pony tails that were popular during the decade, it was the side pony and the bubble pony that stood out in particular for its cheerful and yet distinct look, which it accorded to the wearer. This easy to create style needs you to brush all your hair at the back, remove all tangles and straighten the hair to bring it all together into a pony tail. Slick the pony towards the back and hold it with hairspray to complete the look.

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The bubble pony, on the contrary, involves creating baby ponytails in the mother ponytail, and then creating space between the two hairbands to puff up the baby ponytail to resemble a bubble. The surprisingly easy style creates an uber-sophisticated look and appears both swanky and flirty. Recently, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande were seen sporting the pony tails and they were surely turning the heads.

Asymmetrical Cut

Best suited for bold personalities and for the occasions when you have to stand out in the crowd, the asymmetrical cut true to its name involved your hair being cut in a way that the left and right sides had nothing in common. The edgy chic look made the wearer stand out, and was surprisingly popular. Variations of the style existed with bob cut, and pixie cut being done with asymmetry. Keep it in place with some hairspray and came with an easy daily routine, the asymmetrical cut was widely adopted particularly by celebrities such as Cyndi Lauper, Roland Orzabal, Kate Gosselin etc.

The Glam Metal Look

A hands down stunner, the look is all about big volumes. It was designed to have your mane reach the highest possible heights and then stay put for hours. The look was all about creating your towering crown from your tresses. An oversized round brush, generous amounts of mousse or clay are the basic minimum tools needed to create the look. Recently, Billie Eilish was seen sporting a modern version of the glam metal look from the 1980s hairstyle and she surely looked stunningly gorgeous.

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Feathered Layers and Bangs 

Also colloquially known as Farrah Fawcett, this 1980s hairstyle got its alternative moniker as it almost overnight bought the actress into spotlight. As a result, the actress became the defacto ambassador of feathered layers and bangs. The style involved bangs to fall graciously around the cheek bones and create the effect of volume. The feathered layered cut gave a softer texture to the hair. Easy to maintain and involving little to no product use the style could be easily adopted with both wavy and straight hair. To be honest the hairstyle never really went out of fashion. Famous personalities such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were also seen sporting the Farrah Fawcett.

The Perms

When one reminisces the 80s hair, one cannot miss the voluminous curly hair that the women sported. It was a go to style when the wearer was in a mood for some transformation. The style involved altering the texture of the hair by use of chemicals, the style was once the beloved look for most women. The use of chemicals meant that the hair could feel rather dry so maintenance regime involved use of moisturizers, masks and deep conditioners to keep those perms looking healthy and lustrous. Having said that the style did add both volume and texture to hair and thus was widely adopted.

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The Crimped Hair

Another easy to implement style which worked great for any length of the hair was the crimped hair. The style, essentially, involved creating crimps into the hair using a crimping iron or tiny braids and in no time the hair was transformed. Variations of the style included sectional crimping and overall crimping. Depending on the wearer’s choice the crimps incorporated could be either tighter ones or medium ones.

The celebrated decade of 1980s involved hairstyles, which were defined by volume, texture, oversized hair accessories. The 1980s hairstyles never really moved out of the collective consciousness of people. Thus, it is hardly surprising that many of these styles have made a comeback in 2022 and are being loved.

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