May 7, 2021

World has changes and social media can have a huge impact in companies, brands, and personal reputation. Social media is like double-edged sword. It can ruin your reputation quickly, while it can be very beneficial.

Throughout our journey we found top 5 most effective way to build a positive reputation and avoid the any damage to your business while using social media to promote your brand:

  • Monitor the web
  • Be responsive
  • Write a blog/posts
  • Be “non-self-promotional.”
  • Design a user friendly site


Monitor the web

Before starting any activity on social media, it is important to first what is out there about your company and competitors. Monitoring your brand helps you understand all good and bad posts about you and your competitors. You can take lessons from existing posts/comments and strategize your next exposure online.

Tools such as Notifier, helps you search social media and online materials and find the best move based on existing trends. You can create your own KPI based on number of mentions, positive and negative views. You can leverage the criticism to address in your new posts to change their opinion. Also the positive feedback helps you take your brand to the desired direction of users

Be Responsive

You need to act fast! If you receive a negative feedback from a huge forum you need to catch it, meaning hear what they are mad or angry about. Then proceed with a response addressing the issue to them and explain yourself. Make sure to be authentic and genuine in your response. Usually, people accept the honest response rather than any fake excuses.

Moreover, if you see an opportunity for your competitors online, you can squeeze yourself and direct the crowds to your favor. That’s why time is the key.

Write a blog/posts

Start writing about what makes your brand unique, what is your story, and why other should respect your work and why invest in your brand. In your blog write about your success along with all failure or defects in your product. People love that! They want to see your brand with all available flaws. It makes you a human and your brand/product more respectable. Also these stories can hook user up to read more about your brand and learn more about it. That’s a great way of promoting your brand, without spending tons of money on ads. It’s a natural attraction to your brand.

Be “non-self-promotional.”


Don’t be the type who always promote themselves and talk about how amazing their brand is. It is very unattractive and usually repels audience. Instead show evidence and share stories that grab their attention. It is way more effective than promote yourself directly. This way, you promote yourself INDIRECTLY. You let your audience believe it and promote it for you.

Design a user-friendly website

Last but not the least is making your website. Make sure your website is appealing, user friendly, simple, and easy to use. Include direct message about what you offer. Link it to your social media.

Also, website helps you get ranked in google overtime and get more audience and visitors. More audience means more a great opportunity for you to expose yourself to the world. We are connected. For each brand lover of yours, potentially you get yourself exposed to 100X more audience.

In summary, be careful when you expose yourself to online world. It can make you promote or even ruin your reputation. Advice’s above can help you to do more strategic way to gain a good and positive online brand.

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