January 12, 2023

We’re all aware of the saying “the house always wins”. In casino parlance what it means is that, in the long term, the casino will come out ahead of the player when it comes to money taken. We generally accept that this is the case even when we choose to play at an online casino because, every once in a while, there is a spin or a hand where it is not the casino that comes out ahead, but the player. And when playing at one of the casinos on casinononaams.casino or any other, you’ll generally take any opportunity to get one over on the casino. Or almost any opportunity.


The question is: Would you be prepared to cheat at an online casino?” The second, more pointed, question is “Can you cheat at an online casino?”. And let’s be very clear at this point. We’re not endorsing cheating, even if you could get away with it, for a multitude of reasons. One of those reasons is that if you ever did manage to cheat, the casino would not end up being the entity paying for that security flaw. The cost would be passed on to players, so if you ever did cheat, it would be people just like you who were the victims. But regardless of that, could you actually cheat if you chose to?


Probably not


The simple truth is that there isn’t really a mechanism to cheat at an online casino. You could potentially hack the site, but that’s a whole other crime in itself, and casinos have some of the most powerful security software in the world. You’d be detected, and that’s before you even get around to figuring how you would change the code to ensure you won on any of the games. Even the casinos don’t know how to do that – so no, you can’t tilt the games to guarantee a payout.


Collusion: again, no.


Some people suggest that one way of boosting your chances at a casino is to collude with other players. What you would do, in this case, is agree with a friend to both be at the same table in a poker game and share information on the cards that you have. Assuming you can both get the same table, which isn’t guaranteed, you’d still have to beat the other “real” players in the game. If you managed to get nothing but willing pals around the table, maybe you could guarantee a win – but your friends would have to lose, which sort of makes it pointless. And even if you could do that the casino has software to detect rogue betting patterns, and it would catch you. You’d be blacklisted, for no benefit whatsoever.


Using cheat sheets/cards


It’s possible to buy cards that show you what to do when a game of blackjack is at the betting stage, thus increasing your chances of winning. In fact, it is possible to access those cards for free online, so you can play a game of blackjack and refer to these “cheat sheets” while you’re playing. So do we finally have a way to cheat at an online casino, and actually win? No, not really. Because do you know where else you can find those cards? In brick-and-mortar casinos, provided by the casino, right next to the blackjack table. Having access to these sheets doesn’t guarantee you anything, because all they do is show you the right way to play a hand; you can do everything right and still lose.


So, all in all, no. You can’t cheat at an online casino, and any attempt to do so will see you punished. You might as well just play properly, it’s better and more lucrative in the long run.

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